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Sep 12, 2010 06:04 AM

need freezer and waistline friendly ideas for all these random veggies!

Hi all! I have enjoyed this site for years and now I'm in need of help. I went a bit crazy at the chinese market this week. I bought all these random veggies and don't want them to go to waste! i was hoping to cook all day today and freeze some things for quick family meals during the work week. The only complication is I need things that will be considered "light" as well.

Here are the items I have:
Chinese eggplant
snow peas
baby bok choy
fresh ginger
green onion
ancient sweet peppers?

thanks in advance :)

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  1. Simplest would be soup, which could use just about everything. Simmer the chopped vegetables in broth or water, timing their addition to the pot according to their differing cooking times. Add dumplings, rice, or another starch for something more filling. Soup freezes perfectly.

    1. You could do a nice veggie curry with a lot of those, and that would freeze beautifully. Eggplant, cilantru, cauliflower, snow peas, squash, spinach, ginger and peppers all would work!

      1. peel & mash the avocado and freeze that way. Thaws beautifully for guac and sandwich spreads.

        Cilantro can be whizzed in a food processor with a bit of oil and frozen in ice cube trays, then popped out for an easy addition near the end of the cooking process for soups, enchilada sauce, etc.

        I don't find that eggplant or squash freeze very well due to high water content, so I'd try to use them up this week. Spring onions don't handle long cooking times well, so I'd also try to use them this week (make a Peking-duck inspired spring roll with rice wrappers, julienned spring onions, sliced duck and plum sauce).

        All the others will stir fry well together, but you could also steam & mash the cauliflower and save that for some cauliflower mash (mixed with plain lowfat yogurt or sour cream) to serve with a main instead of whipped potatoes.

        1. perhaps a veggie omelet.

          1. some quick ideas...
            Caulifried rice using cauliflower grated in place of rice, and incorporate the snow peas, scallions, and eggs as desired

            turn squash into ravioli filling - fill and freeze or freeze for later use

            or make burritos with roasted squash, cilantro, tomatoes, fresh spinach, beans

            use the scallions and ginger and incorporate into a teriyaki glaze - use on eggplant

            bake the spinach - like baked kale - seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper and any other seasonings you like

            miso soup w/ bok choy and eggplant