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What to do with olive tepanade?

I was shopping at Costco yesterday and came across a jar of "Mediterranean Olive Salad" for a killer price. I remember sampling it awhile back and it was pretty good.

Taste-wise it reminds me of olive tepanade like one we had made for muffalettas.

Ingredients are olives, cauliflower, celery, sweet red pepper, carrot, radish and capers in a brine.

Any thoughts on what to do with this besides use it as a straight up dig or spread for sandwiches?

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  1. Add near the end of a broiling . Not to soon, so not to burn the olives. Great with fish steaks and either pork or lamb. I also add to broiled sliced eggplant or zucchini . If needed add capers ,celery.onions , etc

    1. i'd blend it (after draining excess liquid) with cream cheese (if it is finely minced, or maybe not so fine...whatever) and then put it on some crackers (like triscuits) to broil. that would make a nice grilled cheese sandwich, too, that cream cheese and tapenade spread.

      or make mini-quiches with that cream cheese crust... for snacks or to go with drinks.

      1. Sounds like the sort of ingredients that would be in something like kabees or torshi - brined veg to eat along with other mezze items.

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          i think it is minced, though. but you raise a tasty point -- i'll bet it would be great with soujouk, or hummus....

          i just thought of something else along that mid-east/med/fusion line: blend some with feta (NOW we are talkin' salty, here) and then stir into some scrambled eggs while they're cooking to just soft. serve on some crispy toast of a good hearty bread. (now i'm getting hungry).

          i'm a sucker for pickled thingies of all sorts.

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            i was also thinking of adding it to whipped feta !! serve scoops of it over cous cous or bulgur, or mix with ricotta and add it to a short curly pasta like campanelle or cavatappi.

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              Ah, I hadnt understood that the OP had meant it had the texture of tapenade. I think it must be the difference between American "salad" and British "salad". I can never get that fixed in my head. Apologies.

          2. We really really love it spooned "as is" over crunchy yummy pork or chicken schnitzels, and siding it with some parmesan polenta and spinach....

            1. Mix with whatever cheese you like, feta or goat, and a bit of sauteed spinach and use it to stuff a pork tenderloin or chicken breast.

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              1. A nice alternative topping for pizza, together with a few choice veggies.

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                  I 2nd that idea. I love both olive tapenade and muffaletta, used sparingly as a salty element, on pizzas. Really kicks up the veggie flavors when used correctly. I have not had it, or at least do not recall it, used with meat toppings since most of those are already quite salty.

                2. As "Scunge" mentioned, olive tapenade (or similar products) are fabulous on fish! I particularly love spreading it thickly on top of swordfish steaks during the last few minutes of broiling.

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                    I like it spread between two thin fish fillets which are then steamed with onions and other vegetables.

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                      I've also had baked fish fillets schmeared first with the tapenade, very tasty.

                  2. Sounds as though it might make a great sauce for a pasta salad. . . a super-simple lunch to-go. Likely nice w some chickpeas tossed in for a hit of protein.

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                      yes - - and tortellini salad with some pepperoni, too.

                    2. I use left over muffaleta spread in egg salad. Maybe that would be an option?

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                          maybe mix it into some tuna.. kind of like a quickie version of Italian tuna salad.

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                            oh yes, that would be excellent, too!

                            cheesecake, following up on your tuna suggestion....

                            wouldn't it be pretty to make a composed salad with the tuna (i'd go nuts over some of that gorgeous ortiz ventresca tuna here -- awesome stuff) and the olive salad, arranged in "stripes" on a platter of butter lettuce,

                            with additional "stripes" of:
                            roasted red pepper chunks or strips,
                            maybe some sliced pickled onions,
                            thinly-sliced baby red potatoes (dressed lightly with some garlicky EVOO),
                            & kalamata olives.

                            to dress it , make two "stripes" between the ingredients -- one stripe of red pepper aioli and the other a simple olive oil mayo.

                            that'd be great for a party: attractive to look at and allowing people to "pick" the components in proportions that they like.

                            i love composed salads. you can use the same ingredients as a complex mixed salad, but being "arranged" (even in quadrants, or "sections") it looks "more special" (and maybe tastes better? ;-)).

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                              I love making composed salads like that- I've done a sort of Greek salad in stripes on a large rectangular platter. Everyone can choose what they want and not have to pick unwanted items out of their salads..

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                                exactly! and they always decimate the artichokes in any composed salad! tee hee!

                                funny story, somewhat related to "picking out the favorites": i was at a birthday party where i knew very, very few folks.

                                anyhow, a gal was picking out the choice veggie chips from a bowl. i stood there and watched for a minute, waiting to get some chips...but she kept on...picking out certain ones. then i finally said to her, "are those the best ones?"

                                she finally noticed that i was there, and said, "oh yes, they are" (and then listed the veggies that she was picking). <sigh>

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                                  On a related note, that's why I never serve the potpourri Terra Chips. There's always someone who stands by the bowl picking only the sweet potato chips!!

                                  1. re: cheesecake17

                                    yep -- that was one of her "favorites."
                                    apparently, in her mind, that was perfectly acceptable behavior.

                                    well, dangit...just let her try to come over and eat from my knorr's spinach-veggie dip in a breadbowl (aka "food of the gods")!

                      1. easy--use it to top pasta. Also fabulous on pizza, with hummus, sandwiches, crostini, etc, all the stuff everyone else has said.

                        1. In addition to the suggestions already offered, I use olive tapenade to accompany lamb osso bucco, or braised lamb shanks. I don't know what the Costco version tastes like, but when I make my own tapenade I add lemon juice and garlic, too.

                          1. Thank you all for the fantastic ideas! I appreciate the input and will definitely be trying out some of these plans!