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Sep 11, 2010 08:37 PM

A few ripe tomatoes-sauce recipe request

I have about 3 huge ripe tomatoes and more smaller ones but I wanted to use some of larger ones to make a pasta sauce

any recipe ideas are appreciated

my idea is to chop them, heat a pan with evoo and garlic till the garlic gives off a scent, then throw the chopped tomatoes in and add some fresh basil and cook for about 5 min then top the pasta with the tomatoes and add pecorino romano...

but i am not sure if this is the best method for fresh tomatoes so i am asking because i have never tried this before


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  1. Three ideas:
    Do you want to peel these tomatoes? A quick blanch followed by an ice bath would help you get those skins off.
    You could add some onion to this mix, (early on, before you add any easy-to-burn garlic).
    Do you have a stick blender? I've found that it's the best way to get a good mix in the sauce.
    All that aside, sounds like a great idea!

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    1. re: gilintx

      i dont feel the need to peel them unless there is a reason

      you are right about onion! saute that first for a bit then add garlic

      i dont have a stick blender was thinking of keeping it as is-chopping up the tomatoes in a medium dice


    2. You are spot on. Don't add onion. What you have is perfect. I'd just reserve some basil to add it off the heat.

      1. Your approach sounds fine, and regarding the comments so far:

        1. I really encourage you to peel the tomatoes if you haven't tried it before (it's little extra trouble, because you can blanch them in the pot of water you will make the pasta in later--just get that pot going earlier). If you have tried this and truly don't mind those little curls of skin, then don't bother, of course.

        2. Much as I like onions in general, I agree that they detract from the brightness and freshness one usually desires with a fresh tomato sauce. For some reason, however, I don't find that the same applies to my personal, oddball addition: a very small splash of fish sauce (essentially anchovy juice).

        1. if they're really ripe and luscious, try an uncooked tomato sauce. You can skin them if you prefer, but I often don't. For one pound of fresh ripe tomatoes, seed them then dice into 1/4-inch pieces and put into a large bowl. . Finely chop fresh basil to make 1/3 cup and fresh parsley to make about 1/4 cup. Crush three large cloves garlic. Add the herbs and garlic to the tomatoes, gently stir in 8 tablespoons evoo, a tablespoon balsamic or red wine vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Let the sauce marinate a while, then toss with a pound or so of hot pasta. Really good with great tomatoes.