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Sep 11, 2010 07:08 PM

easy to bring delicious dessert

I'm in charge of bringing dessert to a retreat next weekend. Beef Burgundy is being served and it's quite a drive. So I would love to make something amazing that can travel 3 hours. I could pack a cooler if necessary. Any ideas? Please?

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  1. I often bring cheesecake to things like this - people love it and it travels pretty well if you leave it in the pan during transportation. If you want it to be extra amazing you could also make a sauce to pour on it once it's time to serve.

    1. Easy is a relative word..what some may consider "easy" may not be to others. With that, I fell in love with Bon Appetit's Lime Curd Tart with Blackberries & Blueberries from the June issue (key it in on their website to pull up the recipe) It is a bit involved in that you have to make the lime curd & pastry for the tart BUT it can be made a day ahead and berries added at the last & it travels well....I think it's easy to make. I also like that you can make the recipe with different curds (orange, ruby grapefruit, etc.).

      Another of my go to desserts is a trifle. You really can't get much easier than that and so many variations

      1. Fruit pie



        Cookies and ice cream (in the cooler)

        1. how many do you need to feed? (this would impact what i chose to make, personally...)

          as ipsedixit said, fruit pie. namely cherry might be my first go to with beef burgundy. dunno why. or plum tarts.

          1. Do you make pretty good crepes? If so, make a whole bunch, pick up a couple of jars of Nutella, spread the crepes with a thin layer of Nutella and stack until they're at least 2 inches deep. Oh, stack them on a plate with a lacy paper doily under them. Last, take a piece of typing paper and fold it up the way you did as a kid and cut designs in it. You know, the kind you fold in half, then quarter, then eights and cut shapes out of each edge so that when you unfold it it looks sort of like a snow flake. Make one of those, set it on top of the finished "cake," then sprinkle with powdered sugar from a strainer. Make sure you get a good thick coating. Carefully remove the snowflake paper, and voila! You've got a really easy dessert that will blow most people's minds. Promise not to tell how easy it is! Up to you whether you want to take along some whipped or ice cream...