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Sep 11, 2010 06:22 PM

Corkage in Portland?

We're spending 3 days and nights in Portland and have heard great things about the restaurants...but we can't find much about corkage there.

Can folks please enlighten us? Thanks.

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  1. Doesn't really apply here. Most of the better restos are licensed so byo isn't an option. There are places where you can bring wine and usually there is no corkage fee.but I can't think of any in Portland ,fine dining wise.

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    1. re: LeRique

      As far as fine dining goes, the only place I know of in Portland where you can bring your own wine (or sake!) is Miyake, which is a fantastic nuevo sushi place.

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        Maybe there's confusion about terms. To us, BYO means you can bring in for no charge, while corkage is you can bring in for a charge. Are folks saying that Maine is short-sighted enough to force people to pay resto prices for wine? Restaurants have no chance to extend their wine lists and service - for a reasonable fee like corkage - to guests who really appreciate wine and good food?

        Then please recommend some great take out and we'll go back to the hotel and open a Rhys Alpine Chardonnay. Too bad we won't be able to contribute more to the local economy.

        1. re: Eliot

          The majority of New England doesn't allow corkage. Blame it on the puritanical Blue Laws.

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            When I was a restaurant manager we required if someone wanted to bring in their own wine 1) you had to call ahead first 2) it could not be a wine that we also served.

            I do not practice this so I do not know any specific restaurants and their practices. To be safe, I would call and also make a reservation at the same time so it is noted that you called to help with any potential problems.

        2. Here's a novel thought:

          Call the restaurants you're interested in and ASK THEM about their corkage policies.

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            One last time on Maine, if you're licensed to sell beer, wine, spirits etc. in an establishment (what's referred to as an on-premises license), then no one is allowed, by law, to bring in wine or whatever, regardless of whether they pay or not, which is moot.

          2. Folks, we've removed a great number of replies debating whether corkage laws and policies are appropriate or important. That's a subject that's really off-topic for our regional boards. If you have information about restaurants where Eliot can bring his own wine,or great takeout food, please do share those tips, but the reasons for the laws being what they are and whether you agree with those reasons is really outside our scope.