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Sep 11, 2010 03:56 PM

What to make for dinner?

I'm a bit low on food, cooking for six, well maybe not as low on food as low on budget to buy things like olive oil, butter, red wine, etc. I've gotta work with what I got.

I've got a package of large portabellas, very little butter, no milk, no meat, corn oil, fresh parsley & sage, a big bag of green beans, and a few other things to work with. There's rice, pasta, beans, lots of instant mashed potatoes (yuck!), sloppy joe sauce, canned crap, etc. But the mushrooms are the closest thing I have to a main subject.

I figure I should be able to make something pretty good, but I thought it would be fun to put it up to the forum since there's not much for portabella in the recipe area.

What would you make?

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  1. I'm seeing this a bit late, but what did you end up making? I think I would have grilled the mushrooms or turned them into some kind of soup/stew with the pasta. Or I might have tried to recreate part of my favorite bento box from a nearby restaurant, a salad with marinated mushrooms, green beans, and slivers of parmesan.

    1. i'm guessing it's too late now, but did you have any eggs? given eggs, i'd have roasted the portabellas, diced them, done the same with the green beans, then bound each separately (or maybe a few together) with some egg, mashed beans (depending upon type), seasonings, and a little mashed tater flakes to bind then baked or cooked in pan. might even work without eggs if the beans act as binder... but maybe not.

      or, i might make a filling for the mushroom caps out of green beans, rice, and beans. serve with some sort of sauce...?

      1. Make a "steak" sandwich with the mushrooms. Cook them just as would a steak and, assuming you have them, use similar accompaniements.

        Maybe make up some mash (I agree, yuck), mix with some of the veggie stuff , shape into patties and fry - veggie "fishcakes".

        The rice/pasta, beans, canned stuff, herbs, sound like the makings of a salad.

        I don't know what sloppy joe sauce is, so can't help with ideas there but maybe it just goes with something I've mentioned.