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Sep 14, 2005 04:25 AM

Glendale's Best Places to Eat

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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I just recently moved to glendale and we need some recommendations for great neighborhood places to eat. We arent the richest people in the world, so we would prefer moderately priced to down right cheap places. =) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! Here are some favorites:

    POLKA: This little polish restaurant at York and Verdugo, in a mini mall, is one of the best deals you can find. Fresh, home cooked food for a great price. When you sit down, before you even order, you get a bowl of perhaps the best soup in town, truly (it changes each day) Then you get an eccentric but enjoyable salad. And then an enormous plate of food. The grilled Kielbasa is terrific, and the combination ‘Royal’ plate, where you get to try three polish choices (dumplings and stuffed cabbages) is a must. I eat like a horse and I usually bring food home. And the couple that own it/run it are very nice. Lunch is cheaper, though at dinner you get a dessert.

    MARIO’S DELI: On Broadway just east of Glendale, near the Trader Joe’s. This is just take out but is a great place to know about. It is a small deli, with wonderful Italian products and meats and cheeses, as well as homemade sauces (marinara and the like) They also have a full sandwich deli – the sandwiches rock -- and you can also get lasagnas, stuffed shells, all kinds of marinated veggies and salads, etc. I love the antipasto salad in particular. One can feed 2 or three people.

    DAMON’S STEAKHOUSE: This is a cheesy but fun and very reasonable steakhouse on Brand that has been a staple of Glendale for a long time. Expect a wait if you don’t have a reservation, it is always packed. It is done up in Polynesian style and you get a complete dinner, it’s not a la cart.

    CASA BIANCA – Just down the road in Eagle Rock (5 minutes away), many of us think this is the best Pizza in town. You are also going to have to wait here, but you must go and try it. My favorite is the homemade Italian sausage and garlic pizza. 1650 Colorado

    COLUMBO’S – Also in Eagle Rock, this is a divey bar and restaurant/jazz place that is a lot of fun. Good steaks, etc, and wonderful old-fashioned garlic toast that comes to the table. 1833 Colorado

    CAFÉ BEAUJOLIAS – One more Eagle Rock choice (all three of these are near one another on Colorado) this is a great neighborhood bistro, with steak, fish, onion soup and the like. Very reasonable and very good food. 1712 Colorado

    Also, FORTUNE INN, which is at the corner of Broadway and Maryland, has very good Chinese delivery.

    And GEORGE’S Italian in the Kenneth Village area of Glendale is just terrific, old fashioned, very good Italian for a very reasonable price. They also deliver and their pizza is good.

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      Also, in north Glendale (Montrose area) - there's Bistro Verdu, which has excellent food and wines and La Cabanita - which has amazing mole. There's also a bunch of places in the Montrose Shopping Park (Honolulu Blvd).

      1. re: JD

        Unfortunately, Bistro Verdu closed a couple of months ago. Supposedly they will be reopening in a different location, but I haven't heard any news about that.

        1. re: duke_of_mildew

          Supposedly another restaurant will be opening where Bistro Verdu used to be. Coming soon, I hope!

          1. re: luswei

            Hi luswei,
            Look down to Sept 9th and you'll see the info about BASHAN in the old BV space.
            I've now been 3x and am in love! Those sweetbreads knocked my socks off...wait, I wasn't wearing socks...they just made me want to jump for joy!

    2. Elena's Greek/Armenian restaurant makes EXCELLENT smokey, lovely grilled meats. About $8 for a combo plate with charred tomato, rice, etc. Small, happy neighborhood joint and very friendly. Look for the white christmas lights decorating the trees outside. I believe it's at the corner of Glendale and Acacia.

      Elena Greek Armenian Cuisine
      1000 S Glendale Ave
      Glendale, CA 91205
      (818) 241-5730

      Also, if you go to casa bianca, be aware the quality of the pizza is based on the toppings you choose (this is anathema to my pizza philosophy since I was weaned on the cheese pizza in the NYC area). Since there is normally a 60-90 minute wait at CB, you really don't have the luxury of experimenting with things that are not proven winners. Their plain cheese pie is really bad..... somehow the toppings transform it. Their (supposedly homemade) sausage and fried eggplant pizza is a winner. Avoid the musrooms which are of the nasty grey canned variety and offer no flavor.

      Mr. Taster

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      1. re: Mr. Taster

        I lived in NYC and this is the closest to satisfying pie out here that I have found!

        I just learned that if you put your pizza order in at the time you put your name on the list, it will be ready by the time you sit down at the table.

          1. re: Mr. Taster

            ditto on elena's!

            fabulous combos, loved their hummus, and also the falafel!!!

            a total steal...

          2. Folliero's in Highland Park is the cheapest hands down.......
            It's been there as long as I can remember and is decent for the price....
            Two can have dinner w/salads, entrees and a glass of wine for about 14 bucks.
            Figueroa & Ave. 54

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            1. re: slowrider

              I'm glad you mentioned Folliero's. I haven't been there in a long time and I'm overdue for a visit. Their pizza really was excellent. If it's still the same, this place is really underrated and under-recognized.

              1. re: Sam D.

                How about Canele? 3219 Glendale in Atwater. Chowhounds have both very good and very bad things to say. I have yet to try it but it is on my list. I know it isn't cheap but....That being said, I do miss Osteria Nonni.

              1. Porto's bakery! Try the potato balls (fried mashed potato with meat sauce in the middle). Yum.

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                1. re: food good

                  ohhhh... potato balls ... try the meat pies, too! Plus, their sandwiches are quite good and very reasonably priced. You can get pastries for under $1 as well as stuffed croissants.

                  Porto's is DEFINITELY one of the best deals in Glendale.

                  1. re: Lachyk

                    okay, another fabulous steal in glendale. i couldn't believe the prices on their sandwiches, and their dessert! to die for.

                    at comparable places in other l.a. neighborhoods, the prices would be double what they charge...

                    1. re: tuttifrutti

                      The Portos Midnight Sandwich is delicious! Follow that with anything -- or everything! -- from the pastry case!