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Sep 11, 2010 02:15 PM

I found good BEEF RIBS in Dallas Metroplex

That's right. I know, hard to find, very hard to find. But I finally found em and they are excellent. Like Claim Jumper's in California.

It took awhile. Beef Ribs are hard to find in the Dallas Metro Plex. To my knowledge this is about the only restaurant that has em. And it's a great place. Big, roomy, clean, and they sell lots of BEEF ribs. I talked to the manager.

So without further adieu, here's the joint. It's right off the 35 (Stemmons Freeway) kind of near Farmer's Branch area. And the BEEF ribs are big and meaty and juicy and you don't even need the sauce.

Y'all can thank me later:

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  1. Hmm, I never thought of them for BBQ. Let alone, beef ribs. I'll have to give them a try sometime.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Yeah, me neither actually. I have seen their seafood restaurant but never noticed BBQ. Hard to find Beef Ribs. These were excellent. Give em a try.

      1. re: Eddiehaskell7

        I have to second Eddie here, Pappas has really good beef ribs. I know its not cool to like anything that isnt a food truck/local/sustainable/grass fed or god forbid you pay compliments to a chain. But with all that said, they are good. For a bbq joint, which are not really known for good sides, Pappas is pretty good in that department as well. The brisket...meh.

        1. re: Jugg

          Thanks Jugg. Say, do you know of any other restaurants in the metroplex that offers Beef Ribs? Hard to find.

          1. re: Eddiehaskell7

            Love and War in Texas has all-you-can-eat beef ribs on Sundays. $12.95 the last time I went earlier this year. Good deal at that price if you have a healthy appetite...

            1. re: Eddiehaskell7

              Big Al's on Inwood Road serves good beef ribs. However, I prefer the ones at Pappas. They use more dry rub and spices on theirs.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Good info Dallas, Vu, and Twin.......appreciate it.......thanks.

            1. re: Eddiehaskell7

              Allow me to elaborate...

              Big Rib at Smoke

              1. re: DallasDude

                SMOKE is the best hands down! The Big Rib is enough for two but you won't want to share!

                1. re: DallasDude

                  Great pics, 'Dude! I'm gonna have to have Smoke's "Big Rib" again, soon.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    The elbow in the second pic isthat of chef Byres.

                  2. re: DallasDude

                    My mini roundup:

                    Big Al's - not bad, very beefy, didn't look like much. Would try it again if I was in the area.
                    Louie Mueller - tasty, great texture, lots of black pepper iirc. I was more distracted by the brisket... from Smitty's. Good trip.
                    Love and War in Texas (Plano) - All you can eat on Sunday, I made it to 8 ribs before calling it quits. Several other guys in there with the same agenda as me. The ribs tasted alright, heavy on the rub, but were tough, probably needed a few more hours of cooking/smoking.
                    Pappas - I had a rib platter and the ribs all looked fantastic but I just didn not care for the texture or flavor. I'm not sure what they did wrong because there was bark, smoke, caramelization but the texture was tough and chewy and the flavors were very weak.
                    Home cooked - long and slow in the oven for 8-12 hours. Flavored with a BBQ style rub, cumin/curry, and super spicy 5 chile. Not BBQ but my favorite flavors from everything so far. Cumin/curry worked well for me. Wonder if I'll ever see Indian BBQ.
                    Smoke - ... haven't been. Something about forking over $24 for one rib plate keeps me from making the plunge. Need to talk myself into trying it. (These pics sure help!)

                    1. re: amokscience

                      Yes, this is Dallas and unfortunately, $24.00 is the tariff for only one (albeit, very large and delicious) rib at Smoke. But, you do get some delicious cheese grits along with it.

            2. u got me excited ! I love my BEEF ribs !
              Just flew from Atlantic City area to Austin Texas for BBQ Fest last week, and
              sounds like I need to get to DALLAS again !!

              p.s. LOVED the BEEF RIBS at BLACKIE'S in Lockhart... (I know it's NOT Dallas area, but I loved them, none the less ....

              pps Hi Twinwillow, it's been awhile !!

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              1. re: ellen4441

                Hi, Ellen! Great to see your post. Call me if you come to Dallas. We've got a whole bunch of new restaurants in town since your last visit.

                1. re: twinwillow

                  gr8 !! I would love to have you guide me around Dallas again, TWINWILLOW !!
                  I texted you to touch base when I got on my plane from Philly to Austin, but perhaps you did'nt get it .....

                  after hearing "healhy scratch" comment about the beef ribs sundays at "LOVE AND WAR"
                  ....I've got DALLAS on my mind !!!

                2. re: ellen4441

                  Ellen, it's "Black's" BBQ in Lockhart. Their brisket is amazing as well. And I'm glad you enjoyed the BBQ in the Austin area because, there's nothing to compare in Dallas.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    oops, my bad, BLACK'S...
                    check out my pic I attached ...(date visited, Sept. 18th, 2010, lunchtime)
                    I took one bite out of this BEEF RIB, and said "Ahhhh, so THIS is what heaven is like!!!!"

                3. Thank you so much for this. A manager at Dr Bell's in downtown Dallas said there was no demand for beef ribs. I haven't returned since. I make them at home slow cooked for 4 hrs and I'm happy with that. The smokehouse at Whole Foods on Park Ln does pretty good ribs also, but not as good as my homemade. I will definately check out Pappas and Smoke.

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                  1. re: stricken

                    Actually, the smokehouse at Wholefoods, Lakewood is pretty good. Especially when you walk by the counter and get that, "craving".

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      I COMPLETELY agree! The beef ribs at the Wholefoods smokehouses are damn strong!

                      1. re: JethroSpanks

                        Thank God that I am not alone on this! The BBQ snob in me absolutely rejects any BBQ from any yuppie grocery store, but the Whole Foods on Preston and Forest does some really good BBQ, especially the Beef Ribs! Their brisket was very good as well!

                        1. re: ikirumata

                          It appears we may have woken a "sleeping giant".