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Sep 11, 2010 01:03 PM

Our Paris reservations ~ Very excited!


The reservations gods are with me! I just booked dinner at Nomiya for Sunday October 3 for hubby and I and our friends. I have been checking the site obsessively 9-10 times a day looking for cancellations and just got one. This is how I got the lunch reservation with my daughter in May as well.

So now we have reservations at:

La Regalade St Honore, September 27
La Grande Cascade, September 29 (hubby's 50th birthday)
Nomiya, October 3
Spring, October 6
Frenchie, October 8 (lunch)
Le Reminet, October 8 (dinner)

As well, we've reserved our Meeting the French chocolate tour and bakery tour (September 30 and October 8) and we're off to Reims on October 1. Oh, and we're seeing Jimmy Buffett at the Olympia on the 24th. :)

I'm hoping to eat at Breizh Cafe, Les Papilles and Le Baratin as well. I think we will leave Josephine Chez Dumonet for another time (the expensive places are starting to add up, lol)

This is shaping up to be the best trip EVER!

(a very excited) Jo

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  1. I would also suggest Passage 53. I just had their "new" menu, and it's fabulous. The ingredients are fabulous, the preparation is perfect and the service is lovely. Spring was also quite nice. La Regalade was a good enough value.

    1. "Spring, October 6" -- we too; we'll look for you across the room that night. -- Jake

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      1. re: Jake Dear

        I'll be the one with the French Canadian accent and the big smile!


        1. re: Jake Dear

          Jake, I'll be the one -- oh, ask Daniel who/where Nancy is. C U there.

          1. re: Parigi

            Jo -- We wish that our French was good enough to be able to discern your "French Canadian accent"; we may have to gaze around the room looking for your smile. Parigi/ Nancy -- at that point we'll have very recently arrived from Basque places that you recommended to us -- St Etienne de Baigorry and Zugarramurdi -- and also from St Jean de Luz (where we plan to lunch at "Kaiku" per your rec. -- Jake

            1. re: Jake Dear

              -- Uh, don't tell me we have to look out for someone wearing a Basque beret.

              "St Etienne de Baigorry and Zugarramurdi"

              Awwwww, the drive around there, esp the latter, is out of this world. Thanx for reminding me. I keep forgetting the name and thinking something like krishnamurti. Won't do.

              "St Jean de Luz (where we plan to lunch at "Kaiku" per your rec."

              O o o, say hello to Serge the maître d for me. Remind him I am the Chinese-American who used to frequent his bistro in the 9th in Paris - the très regretté Velly.

        2. Wow - I've just had a look at the Nomiya website and it looks amazing!

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            It is! I had lunch there in May, as well as a cooking class. The food was very good, but the atmosphere and that view were fabulous! We had wonderful table mates and the conversation flowed as easily as the wine and champagne. I can't wait to see the view at night and see the Eiffel Tower twinkling right in front of us!

            Here are my report on our lunch from my blog: