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Sep 11, 2010 12:16 PM

Staying in Buda, anything close and delicious?

Hello Hounds,

Well after many years this Texas-born, SF Bay Area-raised girl is coming home to visit family with my
7 yr old. I'll be staying with my cousin and I need the meat symphony of Texas chili, BBQ and/or steak.
I'll be in Dallas for a few days where I'll be hitting the State Fair, but I'm not sure we'll have time for MeatFest there.
I'm willing to drive about 15-20 minutes as long as it's easy to find.
(I've only been driving a few years and I get very nervous if I get lost)

Oh yeah, any Texas wines I shouldn't miss that aren't Chardonnay or Cabernet?


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  1. Welcome back to Texas! The Texas Pie Company in Kyle won't qualify for the MeatFest but they have scrumptious pies and casseroles for a homestyle dinner. I've tried 3 of the individual pies and they are light, flaky and bursting with filling.

    Texas Pie Company
    202 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640

    1. Milts pitt bbq in kyle is very good

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        Don't let the building fool you. The birdsnest sandwich is hard to beat and my personal favorite the haystack is super.

      2. There's the the good ol' Salt Lick, of course (which is a meat fest in its own right) and Trattoria Lisina (where finding a wine shouldn't be a challenge) out towards Driftwood.

        Trattoria Lisina
        13308 FM 150 West, Driftwood, TX 78619

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          Awesome! What a great list. I love Pie, BBQ & good wine. Thanks!
          I'll let everyone know how it went after I get back.

        2. Nona Gina's Italian in downtown Buda...Renzo rocks!

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            really? i thought they were mediocore. maybe I went on an off day

            1. re: chrisdds98

              i loved Nona Gina's! the gorgonzola pasta was delish. went two months in a row after P&L meetings for work.

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                Surprised to hear this since we've always had very tasty food there. My favorite is the linguine fasano with shitakes, spinach and artichoke hearts.

                It is a pretty basic Italian menu, but everything I have tried has been seasoned nicely and tasted great.

                Definitely worth a visit if in the area.

                1. re: ebloom

                  Just wanted to report back and thank y'all again for all your suggestions.

                  We ended up going to lunch on Sunday at Cooper's in NB since my cousin said it was pretty down there and they have an awesome park for the kiddies.

                  We got a couple of lbs. of "marbled" brisket "dipped", a couple lbs. of pork ribs and some sausage which I had go back and get more of since this was the kids' favorite.
                  The black pepper-based dry rub was different from anything I'd had before and I really enjoyed it. The brisket was my favorite, tender, delicious with only a little bit too much fat on our pieces and the whipped potato salad was actually very good. We had a big group, so the long picnic tables were a plus and everyone had a great time.
                  My cousins are definitely planning a return trip soon.

                  Unfortunately our dessert options were severely limited since it was Sunday, so no pie this trip : ( However, we did pop over to the Marble Cliff (?) ice cream shop and had some really nice flavors in fun, dipped cones. The award-winning Dark Chocolate was YUMMY!

                  Thanks again and I'll try to get to some of the other places next time I'm in town.