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Sep 11, 2010 12:08 PM

Chung King Garden - Thanks for the rec :-)

Hey! So I had a strong craving for Peking Duck and after much digging on the board, I decided to go to Chung King Garden. I would've been at a loss otherwise, thanks guys! Meals like this is why I'm glad that I found this forum.


Located behind Pacific Mall, Chung King Garden serves an excellent full-course Peking Duck in record time. Every dish was fantastic, and the duck was crispy, non-fatty, and flavourful.
Knowing that it takes 20-30 minutes for the food to be prepared, we ordered one of their House Specials to tide us over as well as some white rice.

Szechwan Shredded Beef ($10.95
)Crispy yet tender, crunchy but not oily, this was the perfect dish to ease our hunger pangs while we waited for the duck. I was really pleased with the beef; it had great flavour from the chili and it wasn't drenched in sauce so it stayed crispy. Shredded carrots and green onions added to the flavour, and it was great with rice.

Authentic Beijing Roast Duck (3 Courses) ($37.95)
1. Crispy Duck Skin & Breast
2. Duck Stir Fry
3. Duck Soup

Course 1: Crispy, Roasted Skin
I could hardly contain my excitement when the first course arrived. The dark skin was shining and crispy-looking, with duck breast peeking out from underneath.The flavour was fantastic. There was also little to no fat hiding between the skin and breast, which but they've rendered it so well that it was still moist.
With it came steamed dry crepes to wrap the roasted duck, vegetables, tian mian jian (a savoury-sweet bean sauce), and crispy shrimp crackers. The crepes are nice and thin, but thick enough to wrap everything without breaking before shoving it into your mouth. Eat the crackers while they're super-fresh and hot - like pork rinds, they get soft and blah over time.

Course 2: Minced, Fried Duck in Lettuce Wraps
There were also bits of crispy white noodles hidden among the pile of stir fried duck, vegetables, and saucey goodness. The sweet bean sauce is a great base for stir fries, and II enjoyed tofu, water chestnuts, pepper, carrots, onion, and whatever other vegetables were in the mix. There was just enough to give it flavour, and they clearly weren't just "fillers" for the dish to look bigger.
We eagerly grabbed spoonfuls and scooped the duck into pieces iceberg lettuce. I also enjoyed it with white rice when we ran out of lettuce. Win.

Course 3: Duck Soup
Last to arrive was a soup made from the remaining skin, meat, and bones. The broth was surprisingly light and tasty - not at all oily! A friend said this was her favourite course for this very reason. I really wonder what they put in this broth to make it so flavourful in such a short amount of time. Tofu, duck, and nappa cabbage was plentiful and we cleaned this bowl up without a problem. I can only imagine how wonderful this soup must be on a cold, winter night.

I want to return to try their Honey Garlic Spare Ribs, Sweet & Sour Fish, Braised Broccoli with House Sauce, and Orange Chicken. And more Peking Duck of course. I'm a happy CHer, thanks you guys =)


Chung King Garden Restaurant
4394 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R9V9, CA

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  1. how many people did this serve?

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    1. I have to concur completely with this review. I've been there three times - once for the peking duck trio of dishes - and all three times were excellent.

      Be warned that (at least in the past this was the case) they take cash only.

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      1. re: vorpal

        That's a good point actually, I'm going to add that to my post. I was lucky that my buddy had cash on him. Thanks!


      2. I tried the duck tonight and went in ahead of time to order it rather than wait 30mins (my young kids get impatient waiting for food on an empty stomach). The lady owner had this catatonic look on her face like she'd been working there too many years, asked me to put down $20 to reserve it. Not a problem for me, as she did give me a receipt for it.

        After we returned from our stroll at Market Village, we sat down and they prompty presented to us the entire duck for our approval. They do take the duck to the back to cut it. The skin was very crispy and flavourful, but the meat was just bit too thick and dry (still longing for the version I had in Beijing). The wrapper skins were also on the slightly thick side as well. Garnishes were nice and fresh, and sauce plentiful.

        Soup came second and was quite bland, tofu flavourless (probably since the duck had too little fat). My wife was guessing that they made the soup in one big batch and since we were there early, perhaps the broth wasn't concentrated down yet. I prefer the soup that almost has a milky broth to it.

        The third dish was a bit odd in that the diced duck meat stir fried has the consistency of almost like a semi mash, as compared to the pure diced meat I've had at most place. The look though didn't affect the taste. Lettuce was nice, cold and crispy.

        We also had a order of 6 steamed buns w/ meat stuffing for the kids. Flavour was ok too.

        Only 3 people working there and had a tough time trying to flag them down (place was only 1/2 full) and often when they walk by and we ask them for something in Chinese, they ignored us. (maybe we're not loud enough?).

        All in all it was enough food for my wife, and I and 2 young kids. Not sure about the other dishes though, as it looked like the other tables were all eating deep fried sweet n sour based dishes (beef, whole fish, etc), which can get tiring pretty quickly if eating with a large table.

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          aw I'm sorry to hear that your soup was bland and flavourless - ours was great! My friend lo-o-o-ved it, I even have a picture of her bf slurping the rest straight from the bowl :P
          And our third dish didn't come out mashy at all...:(

          The crispy beef was a good side order...sweet and sour fish is supposedly really good there too.
          I wish I had an awesome duck experience when I went to Beijing. All the more reason to return...


          1. re: ekim256

            This is my fav place for peking duck and I have to agree the soup is hit and miss. Sometimes its great and other times its quite bland. I guess its when you go in. I find when its busy it doesn't taste as good. Maybe cause they rush it? However there isnt a better peking duck place in town overall.

            1. re: setofdueces

              Oh, maybe that's why ours was so tasty! It was super quiet when we went there. That's a good tip for future visits, because my friend really really liked the soup more than anything and we're going to go back soon =)