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Sep 11, 2010 11:20 AM

Help Narrow Down Choices for 2 days in Venice Please :-)

We have one afternoon and evening in Venice followed by a full day and evening in Venice and I'm trying to narrow down our choices - help is recommended!

Have determined:
Cocktails the first afternoon at Hotel Bauer terrace, the Stuckey rooftop or Caffe Florian on Piazza San Marco (if we only make it to one of the 3???)
Al Prosecco (Campo San Giacomo da l’Orlo, Santa Croce) for lunch
Alaska for gelato
Rosa Salva for pastry

Now for the 2 dinners, trying to pick between these below:
Vini da Gigio
Trattoria Ca D’Oro
La Bitta
Il Refolo
Cantinone Già Schiavi
Il Ritrovo
Hostaria Da Franz
Casin Dei Nobili
Dalla Marisa

Want to not be in a purely tourist destination, and want great food, and want it to not be super expensive.

Any help is appreciated!!!

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  1. For cocktails: all three of your choices will be touristy as locals do not go to fancy hotels nor drink on San Marco unless they are with visitors. Your three choices offer different things:
    Bauer Terrace: has the best view of the Grand Canal of all the luxury hotels; one will see across the canal at grand palazzi; the dogana, out to San Giorgio Maggiore, parts of the Giudecca. The terrace itself is large and beautifully lay out. It has a sense of calmness and not all the fuss of the Gritti or the Danieli.
    Molino Stuckey Skyline Bar: the best 360 degree aerial view of any bar in Venice; great view of all Venice proper, the Giudecca, the lagoon, outer islands, and even Marghera and the docks. Spectacular at at sunset. The bar itself is basic modern as hotel is mostly for tour groups and conventioneers.
    Caffe Florian: terrace seating right in the Piazza; the inside rooms has history and will evoke Carnavale. Everything will be serve with a flourish.
    The cocktails for all three are very expensive, a spritz is around 15 to 17E; and if the orchestrate is playing while sitting outside at Florian, they will tack on another 8E per person. The Stuckey is double euros cheaper.
    The places to eat:
    Vini da Gigio: small and intimate; nicely prepared traditional Venetian cooking; excellent wine list. If I want to be with a date, this would be the place on your list.
    Trattoria Ca d'Oro: the cicchetti are very good; the rest of the menu of traditional food is fine but nothing exception; the value is there.
    La Bitta: very good food, NO seafood; some nice salads as antipasti; packed with good friendly service.
    Il Refolo: search this board as there have been way many previous post on this pizziera/trattoria.
    Cantinone Gia Schivai: wonderful wine bar, cicchetti only, no other food serve; no sit down. Close by 8pm.
    Il Ritrovo: there is no place in Venice by this name: the confusion started on this board when a poster misnamed Il Refolo as Il Ritrovo.
    Hostaria Da Franz: never been there, very expensive
    Casin dei Nobili: pizzeria and simple decent food; lively atmosphere; it is always crowded as visitors have found this place as well as all the places on the Lunga de San Barnaba; especially with all the new B&B in this area.
    Dalla Marisa: small menu of good down home Venetian cooking. I would eat here if I want to eat good basic cooking with a lively atmosphere without spending too much.
    It is difficult to recommend particular places; depends on what you are looking for in a restaurant. All the places on your list serve good to decent food. No point going to La Bitta if one wants seafood or Refolo if pizza is not on the agenda.

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      Thank you so much for your help! Definitely going to do Vini da Gigio one of the two nights I'm thinking. Thinking our other night we'll do Dalla Marisa. Your input was really helpful!

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        I think Vini da Gigio and Dalla Marisa are the two best on your list for a sit down dinner. La Bitta is the other good choice but I couldn't do without seafood when I am in Venice.

    2. Shoot, we're in town Sunday and Monday and Dalla Marisa is closed both nights. Any other recommendations? Seafood? Thank you!

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        Monday is probably the most difficult night for dining out. Most of the seafood places will be closed. La Furatola on Lunga San Barnaba is quite good not overly expensive. Ai Promessi Sposi would be less expensive, bustling and not a bad choice. When it comes to seafood, I think has to pay for quality. Alla Frasca is open Mondays during high season, probably until the end of September. It is good and moderately price, therefore, might check even if your visit is after. Da Alberto is reliable and always packed. The food La Zucca is more eclectic but there is enough dishes that reflect the Veneto and Italy to makes it worthwhile. Also open are more expensive places, Al Covo and Fiaschetteria Toscana.

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          Osteria Garanghelo, San Polo, calle dei boteri, is a charming little place with a beautiful bar, delightful service, reasonable prices and very good food. Was there last week for lunch and would go back. Il Refolo is good in a stylish sort of way with very interesting combinations to the pizza. A bit pricey, but I'd go back and test a few more things. La Patatina (Osteria al Ponte) San Polo is a busy active small and delightful place. The sarde was terrific as was the salumi with polenta