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Sep 11, 2010 11:15 AM

Another butcher shop in Charlotte "Coming Soon"

I was driving down Selwyn yesterday and saw a banner for "New York Butcher Shop" (IIRC) hanging in the former sales office for the Tranquil Court development. I think it just said "coming soon", no date listed. This is of course just down the street from the new fish market. Add a bakery and we'll be back to where we were 50 years ago. Snarkiness aside, its nice to see more vendors outside of a supermarket.

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  1. That's great news! Two things I have missed for the 15 yrs I've been down here - bakeries and butchers.

    1. From Charlotte Business Journal- Some good stuff for Myers Park foodies: Tranquil Court has leased up its retail space, with art gallery FABO and wine and chocolate shop Petit Philippe signing leases. FABO is going to offer “food art” in addition to visual art, with Tizzerts as one of its featured artists. And Petit Philippe will offer 250 wines as well as filled bonbons/pralines and molded chocolates. Next door at Colony Shops, boutique chocolate shop will open soon along with The New York Butcher Shoppe.

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        If you don't mind driving outside of 485, there is a new, very good butcher shop on Rea Road, just past Stonecrest called The Meat Store. They cut their own meat, also source from local suppliers like Proffit Family Farms.

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          It's the Meat House on Rea Rd. next to Cosmos and across Williams Pond Ln. from St. Matthew's church.

          I second it. It's a fantastic butcher shop, though obviously not cheap. I'm a 2x a week customer during the summer to get all my grilling meats.

      2. I help out with the PR for the New York Butcher Shoppe on Selwyn and wanted to let you know they're now officially open. Hope you'll consider dropping by and checking it out!