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Sep 11, 2010 11:12 AM

A menu odyssey at Bushair Hunan (Chowdown) in Richmond

I thought I'd better put up a post on this as the details are fading and I've been remiss in not reporting on a late July Chowdown.

There were 8 of us and we ordered a good selection of dishes thanks in no small part to help from js and ts who had been before and had some first-hand experience navigating the extremely whacky menu.

My favourite item was the pickled green beans which were served as a main course. I took some home and they were even better the next day. Least favourite was the shredded potatoes but maybe we should have known better since this is a Sichuan dish. They do have a full menu of Sichuan items however.

Overall I think I preferred the food at Alvin Garden but I'd certainly like to come back and order some more options here.

Here's some fairly bad photos (this is what happens when fmed can't make a Chowdown!) to give you an idea of what we had.

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  1. Are the 2nd and 3rd pics the "Village Kourou"? Looks delicious... :)

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    1. re: twinkienic

      You got it, twinkie! Sorry the first one is fuzzy but I wanted to include it so you could see the initial plating. I keep forgetting to switch to macro :-( but on the brighter side (pardon the pun) I recently figured out how to increase the exposure and get some more brightness.

      It occurs to me as I'm looking at that bill again that not only is the menu whacky but what is on the bill doesn't necessarily reflect it... sigh... Also I didn't take a pic of the written in eggplant...

      1. re: grayelf

        Grayelf, what's the extreme whackiness with their menu ?

        Is the menu bi-lingual ?

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Deffo bilingual but I'm not sure what the two languages are! Here's a link to the Bushuair menu (still called Gordon Park, one of its previous incarnations). Enter at your own risk :-):

          1. re: grayelf

            Whoa. So they give you a teeny weeny Denny's-style pictoral menu printout with a magnifying glass on hand to read ? :-D

            OMG that Mao Pork Braised in Brown Sauce looks amazing.

            Some of the items simply are mis-matched to their labels (#5113 is not celery stem soup, but looks like a stir-fry of pressed beancurd strips with lamb bits and chilis). #8107 = "Gordon Taste Fried Rice", LOL

            Don't matter. Just looking at the pics alone is nearly causing my keyboard to short out from my salivation. Sorry I'm just not that well-versed in the bajillion Richmond restaurants, but this menu alone is making me committed to going there before this week is out. Thanks Grayelf.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                I'm not sure it this menu is totally legit, but probably is. Dylan??? (it is rather picaresque, so open with care...!!!) The amazing cover for the Bushuair menu is also posted here: