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Sep 11, 2010 10:25 AM

Filipino food..where can i get some in New Orleans?


I am looking for any restaurant that sells Filipino food or grocery store. I am most interested in siopao, longanisa, dinuguaan, tocino, sinigang...i could go on...but you know what I mean. If anyone knows where I can go to get these things...please post it. Thanks!


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  1. There is a newly opened Filipino store that opened not far from Hong Kong Market on Berhman Hwy. It's in a newly built little strip mall, with a Subways next to it and a bunch of other small stores. It's on the same side as HK market at well.

    Hong Kong
    7605 Westbank Expy, Marrero, LA 70072

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      Wasn't there a Fillipino buffet in the CBD on weekends? I read about it, but never made it there.

      1. re: Troika

        Any idea re the store's name and address?

        1. re: paz5559

          It is called Pinoy Food Mart. 601 Behrman Highway Suite 3. Mon-Sat 930am-8pm Sun 10am-6pm. (504) 394-7358

          It is small - three aisles. They have Goldilocks products in a freezer and lots of stuff that Hong Kong Market does not carry such as cane sugar vinegar, coconut vinegar, dried pancit noodles.

          Hong Kong
          7605 Westbank Expy, Marrero, LA 70072

      2. Here's a CH link to a place called Cafe Bistro on Baronne that has a Filipino buffet and also may have some items on their daily menu.

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          that place was fairly short-lived and is now a sushi restaurant.

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            I guess that means i missed out on a good buffet... :(

        2. thanks for the input guys! i appreciate it! :)