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Sep 11, 2010 10:09 AM

Costco Business Center grand opening???

I am a member of Costco (who isn't, right?) and I received a copy of a (very thick) brochure announcing the grand opening "expo" for the new Costco Business Center in San Diego. Coincidentally, the new center is located in the old Home Depot Expo building on Convoy at Othello. Looking through the brochure, it appears the Costco Business Center will cater to restaurants and food service businesses -- TONS of food service items and food -- as well as general business customers. Looks like Restaurant Depot lite. The grand opening expo is on September 15 and 16 -- definitely going to check it out and report on my findings...

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  1. I found an article about the opening here: and here:

    You will be able to purchase a huge side of beef. I don't know about a whole hog though.

    1. We are sooooo looking forward to this Costco opening. As a business with multiple accounts, dealing with Smart & Final is horrible beyond belief.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        I've always had great experiences with Costco, meat, produce, totally awesome fruit, cheeses, wines. Can't wait to browse around the new place.

        1. re: cstr

          If this Costco Business Center is anything like the one in Commerce (Los Angeles), they don't sell liquor or beer and no cigarette sales to non-business accounts..
          No clothing, electronics, personal sundries, pharmacy, photo shop and toys.

          1. re: monku

            You are correct. The new Costco has no electronics, no TVs no clothings etc.

      2. Wow this sounds like it could be good for surrounding businesses. Costco always has quality meat. Sounds like they will still stock some home supplies, and it'll cut my drive time in half. Good location!

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        1. re: royaljester

          Yeah -- I imagine MANY of the Convoy-area restaurants will soon find their way to the Costco Business Center...I'm headed to the Expo Wednesday morning for a look-see.

            1. re: royaljester

              My wife and I wandered in there about 9:30 this morning. Get over there. It's snack-tacular.

        2. Oh. My. God.

          Complete MOB scene. Arrived at about 5:15pm -- knew I made a mistake when I saw the guy standing out on Convoy directing traffic into and out of the parking lot. Avoided the parking crush by sneaking by the food court and parking in the employee parking around back.

          Got inside and was greeted by the LARGEST crowd I've ever seen in any Costco anywhere. I'm pretty sure that every restaurant owner within 25 miles was there this afternoon -- huge flatbed cart after huge flatbed cart loaded to the gills with food service gear and food.

          25-pound bags of panko bread crumbs? Check. 25 linear feet of shelf devoted to every possible package size and type of Tapatio hot sauce? Check. Cryovac packages of beef cheek and tongue? Check. Register lines from hell? Check.

          It was an interesting place to visit, but I'm sticking with my Morena Costco.

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          1. re: bizzwriter

            This sounds like a perfect place for a field trip!

            1. re: bizzwriter

              Does this location have the $1.50 pizza slices & brat-dogs?

              1. re: Green_Turtle

                Yeah -- they have a food court with all the standard Costco fare. Interestingly enough, that was the LEAST busy place yesterday -- no lines when I walked by!

                1. re: bizzwriter

                  These customers mean business! The food court is really just there to distract the low margin customers (like me) to make space for businesses carting out supplies by the wagon.

              2. re: bizzwriter

                I'm with you, sticking with Morena. Pulled in today around 430pm and this place was dead. Good for the food biz industry, but very sterile and not much there for the average family/consumer.

                1. re: foodiechick

                  Yeah I like the idea of it being here, but it's bare bones as far as consumer items. That said, I will shop here when I need home supplies because it's still half the drive for me.

                  I think this may change over the years. A lot of people don't yet realize there's a Costco here.

                  1. re: royaljester

                    I like that it opens at 8 a.m.. When I am having/attending a party or tailgate and need food and supplies, will definitely shop here.

                    They sell half gallons of milk for $1.59, half gallons of heavy cream for $3.59. Two fresh baguettes for $1.29 and a six pack for smaller sandwich baguettes (same French bread) for $1.49 (don't have any of that at my Santee store).

                    Many many cases of beverages are unique compared to Costco or Smart N Final (Talking Rain Twist is great). This store sells the vendor packs of chips (I give those away for Halloween) which have not been in the 'regular' Costco for more than a year now. Also sell Starbucks/Kirkland 2 lb bag of espresso blend whole coffee beans for about $10.

                    No pet food/toys nor rotissiere area. No fresh seafood. No gifty things or books or clothes. No vitamins/ drugs/pharmacy or photo developing...but the smaller travel size items ( I suppose meant for Convenience Stores or Bed and Breakfasts) I can use for myself, overnight guests and as stocking stuffers...

                    Oh. The outdoor food court sells the dipped ice cream on a stick (not available at all the Costcos-I'm looking at you Santee) and a carne asada wrap which is heavenly...

                    1. re: Cathy

                      Also here, the muffins and bagels can be bought as just the 6 pack (instead of two six packs). Four packs of Bistro to Go salad bowls for $10. Four count of Ready-Pac snacks for $5 (veggie/cheese/ranch or apple/granola/yogurt). The Tarantino Italian sausage (mild and breakfast links in 6 lb packs) is the same, but they also sell a 4 lb chub of Tarantino gound pork for $7.29.

                      This Costco has a lot more different items which I can use at insanely crazy low prices. I'm amazed I can just buy a half gallon of milk...

                      1. re: Cathy

                        Yeah, I like the smaller sizes offered. But from a business standpoint they're competing with Target and Walmart there. In any case, I always welcome a Costco closer to me bottom line.

                        1. re: royaljester

                          Remember, this Costco doesn't have clothing, pharmacy, seasonal stuff or a lot of things the regular Costco's have.

                      2. re: royaljester

                        It's been a little over a year since the Costco Business Center (Commerce, Los Angeles) opened and it's still like a morgue when they first open at 8am.

                        I don't mind driving a little further because it's convenient to get basic items and gas up (gas is always 5-10 cents/gallon cheaper than the closest retail Costco) and start shopping at 8am with no crowds. It does get busy on Saturdays and when they have business or food show (lots of discounted products) every couple months. The food court does a brisk business at lunch because the only competition is a McDonalds on the other side of their property.

                        From a business standpoint it's scary because there is a lot of fresh and frozen product that must go to waste because they stock a lot of different items. Recently they've done away with pre-cut packaged meat. They only sell cryovac packaged meat now.

                      3. re: foodiechick

                        But it is more for the trade than the consumer. I think that's the point of this store.

                        1. re: DiningDiva

                          Agreed, and at least I understood that going in. It may have been a surprise to many of the families I saw with befuddled looks on their faces yesterday.

                      4. re: bizzwriter

                        omg they have beef cheeks? SCORE!

                        I didn't know a regular membership would work here, that's great. Woohoo!

                        1. re: MrKrispy

                          Did you see the half sticks of panchetta, mortadella, prochuitto etc.

                          1. re: MrKrispy

                            Went today, saw the beef cheeks and behold next to them, ox tails!! soup time!

                        2. Do you need a Costco business card to get in or will any regular Costco membership work?

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                            1. re: karaethon

                              Just remember it closes at 6pm and is closed all day on Sunday.