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Sep 11, 2010 09:29 AM

eating in venice

Anyone have ideas about where to eat in venice? Would like a few options for sitting down to a nice meal that will not be overly expensive(40E per person with perhaps house wine) nor overly stuffy. Usually we eat a shared app and a primi each, and maybe split a secondi if real hungry. No desserts .
Last trip we did alot of cicchetti, which worked out great. Want to do a combo of cicchetti and sit down dining this time around.
Have been reading all of the venice threads on the" what seem fancy" restaurants that people tend to dine in, and, really not that interested in those places. More laid back , less formal.
Any suggestions for cicchetti and seated meals?

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  1. Most recommendations on this board for sit down meals are not fancy or stuffy. Places that get mentioned a lot such as Al Covo, Alle Testiere, Antiche Carampane, Vini di Gigio, etc are basically informal osteria/trattoria type of places. One won't even see wait staff in 'uniforms'. What make them rather expensive is that they serve the best seafood. Fiaschetteria Toscana might be the exception in that it is a little more formal but still friendly and easy going.
    If your budget is 40E and you are willing to split some course, dining in Venice will not be a problem. I would search this board as there have been many recommendations other then those few just mentioned: Alla Frasca, la Bitta, Anice Stellato, La Furatola, osteria Alberto; still cheaper are al Bomba, Vivaldi, al la Ponte (also known as La Patatina), ai Sposi Promessi, and more. Except for the dining rooms in high end hotels and a few places around San Marco, Venice is not particularly formal or stuffy; can be touristy, expensive and exasperating when it comes to dining