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Sep 11, 2010 08:02 AM

Rare Cuts

Any feedback on the Rare Cuts location next to Vom Fass? Need something good to grill for the LSU game...

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  1. The meat is really excellent: we've had lamb chops (by far, the best lamb I've ever prepared myself, but @$7 a chop, only a very special occasion purchase for us). Beef steaks--grass-fed strip, porterhouse, and dry-aged strip--were also delicious and very expensive. Worth it for special occasions, I suppose--or if money is no object.

    1. Just stopped by a little while ago to check it out. I was a little disappointed since I was hoping it would be more of a cajun meat market, which we so desperately need. I was hoping I'd walk in and there'd be every kind of sausage, meat, cracklins, and boudin that I'd want to find this side of Lafayette. Well, it was far from that, but they do have the typical cuts of steak and a few other goodies, so it would be a good spot to pick up a steak to throw on the grill. It seems to be more of a special order type place, though. The guy hyped it, saying "we can get everything Commander's can get." So it might come in handy if you want to order a whole pig or something like that. Will it survive with whole foods right across the street? I doubt it. I can't see it lasting since they don't really stock anything different or new. Now, if they start importing cajun goods from across S. Louisiana, I think they'd have something. This is just my first impression. It's not a commentary on the quality of their products since I haven't tried anything yet. It's good to have the option though.

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        actually i think being near WF is an advantage -- we only drive out that way when we have to, so hitting both stores at once is a plus for us.

        and they have more/different meats than WF. seeing that WF sold dry aged meat, i asked them about filet. they looked at me like i was speaking a foreign language and said they had never heard of dry aged filet. whatever. of course they had it at Rare Cuts. and slices of Hudson Valley foie gras, and HV duck fat.

        i would not equate RC and WF.

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          I agree, such a market would be wonderful. Having a Trader Joe's would be wonderful as well, but that's not happening either. However, I can't stress enough how special the products are at this place, even if it isn't what you were hoping for!

        2. The best meat I have ever purchased anywhere. Pricey, but what would it cost you to go to Emeril's Delmonico for gas, parking, drinks, meal, dessert, tip? Spending $15 on the best steak I have ever cooked at home by a million miles, and pretty much as good or better than the best steak I have ever spent $50 on in an expensive restaurant, then that $15 per person for the steak starts to look pretty economical. Add a "fancy salad" with pears, arugula, candied walnuts and blue cheese, a beautiful potato gratin, grilled asparagras with some valrohna chocolate and port for dessert and I was pretty happy to be eating at home. Spent about $50 total for an extra fancy at home dinner, $30 of which was the steaks from Rare Cuts. Plus there were leftovers for the next day. Downsides - I had to shop, cook and wash the dishes. Wait, I love doing the first two of those things. Only downside then, washing the dishes.

          I go to Rare Cuts almost every two weeks and make one purchase, sometimes more, sometimes just enough for one meal. Their Skirt Steak is unbelievable, marinated for a couple of days was just phenomenal. They grind their own burger at $7 and $10 a pound. Almost zero fat on my hands from shaping the patties. It should have made a dry yucky burger instead with almost no shrinking it was the juciest, tastiest, burger I have ever eaten. So on lean paydays I might just get a pound of burger and my hubby is dancing in the kitchen when he see it.

          Run don't walk to this place, brace yourself for the price tags but then go home and cook the best meat you can imagine in your own kitchen.

          1. I have been wanting to try rare cuts for some time. Does anyone know how long the steaks are aged? Whether they are prime? And how they match up to say Langenstieins prime beef. The web site is confusing, it looks like they sell the steaks by the piece not the pound. Anyone know what their per pound price is?

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              I haven't been to Langensteins, so I can't compare the quality, but really can't stress enough how good their products are. I was a bit disappointed when I walked in because it looked so small and they didn't seem to have many different items. But they just decided to go for quality, not quantity. They do their own butchering and dry aging (don't know how long you will have to ask), most is prime. Then they package them by weight, e.g., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. filets and have a set price for those packages. The only thing they have by the pound is ground meat at $7 and $10 a pound. While that seems to be a scary price, it was the best burger I have ever eaten. I made 1/3 pound burgers which was $2.33 per burger with almost zero shrinkage. I added a bit of olive oil to the pan because I thought they were so lean they actually needed a bit of fat, but they really didn't. And they should have been dry because they were so lean as well, but they weren't. I can't describe the difference in taste except to say they were just the "meatiest" tasting burger, satisfying beyond belief. I first purchased the 10 oz. filets and they were actually too much so I dropped down to the 8 oz. filets. Their meat is just so tasty and satisfying when you eat it.

              I haven't tried the lamb or the chicken, I am just so enamored with their meat. I am going to special order some duck breasts at some point.

              I mortgaged my house at Christmas and bought an 8 pound standing prime rib roast. Bad idea since I don't think my hubby and our friends who enjoyed it with us will ever be happy with anything less for Christmas dinner. Sigh. I almost stood over the oven the whole time for fear of over cooking. It was the best prime rib ever.

              Give them a try, I don't think you will be disappointed. It is not an everyday meal, unless you have unlimited cash, but we have something from them every couple of weeks and it has made eating at home even better, and we eat at home almost every day.

              1. re: nosurndr

                I buy usda prime regularly. I have bought whole primals of dry aged NY strip, wet aged ribeye and dry aged filet from Rare Cuts. Whole wet aged ribeye (Langenstein's, Dorignacs, Robert on Robert E. Lee) as well as whole prime filet from Dorignac's and individual prime strips from Langenstein's. The pricing is comparable unless on special. Individual steaks are a bad deal price wise. Rare Cuts will dry age, cut and cryovac whole primals free of charge.. I have found the wet aged usda prime ribeye from Robert as flavorful and tender as that at Rare Cuts. Unfortunately, the prime ribeye at neither Dorignac's nor Langenstein's measure up, although, the prime filet at Dorignac's has been tender and flavorful. Langenstein's prime strips were better than their ribeye. Rare Cuts sells both higher grade choice and prime.The meat is consistently good as is Robert's ribeye and Dorignac's filet. Who knows, the supermarkets (not RC) may get their beef from the same purveyor, but after numerous purchases, my findings have held true. I do not care for the unmarbled beef at WF.

                1. re: JazzyB

                  Agree on WE's meat. I didn't realize Robert carried prime, Personally, I prefer Langenstein's prime ribyeye over their strip. Time to give Rare Cuts a try. In thinking about it, their proximity to WF seems pretty wise.

                  1. re: CharlieH

                    Not sure if all locations carry prime. The only prime cut available is boneless ribeye. They usually have some cut behind the counter so you can check the marbling. The whole piece ($1 # less than individual steaks) does not make as significant a difference as buying a whole primal at RC. The price per pound is around $14.99.

                    RC does not have a large supply on hand. It's basically a storefront w/ a few meat cases. Everything is cryovaced/ wrapped. They can get you most items in a day .If there is something in particular you are looking for, call in advance.