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Sep 11, 2010 07:46 AM

Illig's Meats - hooray for german sausages!

I can't beleive it took me so long to stop at Illig's Meats, all I hear are great reviews about it. We stopped by yesterday and just loved it! It is a small family run shop on a beautiful land, everyone at the counter had a german accent, and you walk into just a beautiful array of fresh meats and the most wonderful smells. They had so many german sausage varieties I have not even heard of most of them. We got a smoked german beef sausage and smoked hungarian pork sausage. They also had house smoked pork butts - I can't wait to make a big pot of bean soup! Even something simple like a hot dog was delicous! They let me daughter sample a hot dog and normally she does not like them but she ate the entire thing, which never happens! Service was so friendly, prices were so low, I am already planning my next trip back!

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  1. What too you so long! We have been going to Illg's for years and always love all their meats. The service is always outstanding too. They are the place to visit when I need my steaks and chops cut to specific sizes.

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      I know!!!! way too long! Now I am trying to convince my husband to go to Pumpernick's for lunch today then I can cross two "must try's" off my list this wekend!!!

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        This is where I'd click on the "Like" button if this was FB. Illig's and Pumpernick's both are big likes of mine.

    2. So, for the unitiated, where is Illigs? We were great fans of another German Meat store, on Rising Sun, that went out of business. We used to buy all sorts of wonderful wursts and have a January barbecue on our patio... YOu;ve conveyed the ambience of a store we really liked.

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        365 Folly Road
        Between County Line Road and Street Road

        Technically I think its Warrington, but it might be Chalfont.

        Definitely a Bucks county gem. Worth the drive. Its up there with Reikers in terms of German meats.

        1. re: cwdonald

          So all other things being equal, would you go to Illig's or Reikers?

          1. re: Bigley9

            Given that Illig's is 15 minutes from my house... Illigs. Riekers has more other "german" things such as frozen Laugenbretzel, underberg, and dried spaetzel. Meat for meat, they are about equal, so I would probably support Illigs just because they are a neighbor. I cannot think of one thing in particular that one or the other does spectacularly better than the other.

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              cwdonald, do they still have the flock of guardian geese at Illig's?

              1. re: givemecarbs

                O geez, that brought back a memory. I remeber my first trip to Illg's. Got followed all the way to my car by a BIG goose. I couldn't get in th car fast enough! That bad boy stood right next to the car, looking right in the window at me as I put my keys in the ignition!

                1. re: PattiCakes

                  Heh. Geese make great watch birds. Even though the area is getting more and more developed those geese certainly made it a country experience. Try getting that at Wegman's. Every time I go to Wegman's lately a car alarm is blaring.

              2. re: cwdonald

                Thanks. Riekers is closer to me so that's why I asked.

        2. Their Braunschweigerwurst is the ideal, just perfect

          1. My son-in-law's German/Swiss Omi and Opa go to Illg's for all of their cookout wursts, brats and nuremburgers. My hubby makes a visit each year just prior to his annual fishing trip to stock up on the same, plus beautiful cut-to-order smoked pork chops. One of their specialties is a crown roast of pork, which I usually order for the holidays.

            Illg's will actually allow you to call in an order, then have it ready for pickup. That's really good if your self control is poor and your bank account a little thin --- less time to stand waiting in the shop while you are tempted!

            1. A nice family run boutique meat market in Buck' county. Cuts of red meat such as beef and lamb are however, much better at Wegmans down the street.