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Sep 11, 2010 06:13 AM

BYOB recs around Sheraton in City Center?

I have friends visiting next Monday, staying at the Sheraton on 17th & Race St in City Center (near Logan Square), and they'd like to try Philly's BYOB scene. Since I just moved here, I'm clueless. What are good BYOBs in that general area (or if there is nothing in the immediate vicinity, elsewhere in CC)? Needs to be open on Monday. Completely open about cuisine/price...

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  1. Send them to Matyson on 19th St.

    1. I always enjoy La Viola when I visit Philly (Italian food)...I think it's about a mile from the Sheraton.

      1. Matyson, on 19th between Market and Chestnut, is great - and walking distance.

        For Italian, Branzino - quite good - is on 17th St, just north of Spruce.

        Both of these places are walking distance, but not in the immediate vicinity. There isn't anything within a square or two of the Sheraton that I would recommend.

        1. I third Matyson. It is consistently excellent, and their M-Th tasting menu is a great deal.

          1. 4th for Matyson. Don't skip dessert.