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Sep 11, 2010 05:58 AM

Nostalgia. Growing up did you have a particular dish on a particular day consistently?

We always had spaghetti for lunch on Saturdays. You could set your watch by it. And while mom was great at cooking certain things she took many shortcuts as well. Our spaghetti lunch came from the red box of Chef Boyardee. You know the kind with the noodles, sauce, and little container of parmesan. She would brown about a pound of ground beef, then serve as follows: noodles, sauce, ground beef on top - parmesan was optional. I love all food Italian but this was my introduction. I remember being about ten and asking what those little chunks in the sauce were and mom would say "nothing, just eat it", I now realize it was tiny little bits of mushroom which I would have gagged then but love now. But their oddity (mom & dad) was they had to have toasted bread with peanut butter to complete their meal. Ahh, nostalgia! Then for Saturday supper we had steak and either baked potato or homemade french fries and salad while we watched HeeHaw!

What are your memories of "meatloaf day" or whatever?

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    1. Creamed Tuna on Toast, on Friday nights. And we were Jewish, not Catholic! The meal that spoke to my mother's dislike of all things domestic and the need for quick sustenance. And you couldn't set your watch by it, but once a week without fail we had pot roast from the I Hate To Cook Book.

      1. Saturday night supper: franks and beans, growing up in a family with five children in Boston in the 40's and 50's. Less work for my mom, who must have been quite challenged to serve supper seven nights a week!