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Got a whole carton of double yolk eggs from Costco

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One of those 18 packs, never seen a double yolk before, and the first 4 eggs I cracked from the carton have been double yolks so far. Pretty neat!

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  1. Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I think 15 or 16 of the 18 ended up being double yolk!

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    1. re: cheesymama

      me too, a couple weeks back

      I wonder if it's a side-effect of some drug they feed the chickens... or something... It certainly seems odd, since double yolk eggs are supposed to be 1 in a thousand, and these multiple double-yolk cartons seem to be a new thing.


      1. re: William Taft

        Young pullets, when they first begin laying eggs, will start off laying very small eggs and then often lay freakishly large ones - double yolkers are not uncommon. This will settle down as they get through their adolescent period and, as adult hens, they'll end up laying normal eggs. It has nothing to do with hormones or drugs that are fed to chickens - it's a natural phenomenon. At this time of year, pullets are just beginning to produce eggs - they were babies in the spring so these are their first efforts. Don't worry - just enjoy it while it lasts.

    2. This is not a new phenomenon. This happened to me about 30 years ago and I was making deviled eggs. Was very surprised after hard-boiling them and cutting them open to discover the whole lot were double-yokers.