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Shalezeh -- Iranian on 80th and 3rd Ave.

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Have any Hounds tried this Persian restaurant on the UES? Would love any feedback.

1420 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10021

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  1. Dave, I have dined at the restaurant a couple o times and have numerous deliveries regularly to my house. I find the food quite repectable and competent and as good as any comparable restaurant of ot type (Middle Eastern/Western Asian) around. The lentil and Persian soups are flavorful; the appetizers such as the yogurt with cumber; the Israeli salad (with chicken); the hummas and baba ganush nicely done. Main courses are decent, nothing memorable, really. I usually order the minced chicken or the lamb shanks. My wife likes the cherry rice as a side dish and the vegetarian plate. Good pita and Afghan flat bread. Desserts are standard MIddle Eastern which we always do without. For a neighborhood with so few really good restaurants, this is one worth tryiong out.