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Sep 10, 2010 10:29 PM

Jello 123

Any body remember it You added hot water and it seperated in to 3 layers My wife says Im on the pipe.

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  1. I remember that stuff. A quick google image search will bring up plenty of evidence to prove your sanity. :)

    1. Oh you're not on the pipe, dcrf! Jello 123 was my mother's go to "dessert" for years when we were kids. Working moms loved this kind of box mix in the early 70's!
      Looked pretty in the glass!

      1. I only know it from the Kids in the Hall 'salty ham' sketch, but I'm pleased to learn it's real!

        1. . Mom made that in plastic parfait glasses. Classy. ;)

          1. Nice place I worked in back in the mid '70's we would make it in a tall collins glass and tip the glass about 25* and let it set up. After it was set we would fill the rest with regular jello standing up straight, whipped cream on top. They looked great on the dessert cart and sold well.