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Sep 10, 2010 09:31 PM

Bacchi espresso maker - any opinions?

I have been doing a lot of research on espresso makers of late, and have come across what seems to be an excellent (and somewhat stylish) option - the Bacchi. There's a good video of it here: Before I go and blow $400+ on buying one, have any Chowhounders had any experience with one, or does anyone have any opinions on espresso makers of this kind? Cheers.

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    1. Here is a discussion from home-barista that may give you some more info on this cute little machine.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I owned this. It stopped working after 2 months. Certainly not worth the cost. I "blew" my money on this, for sure...

          1. This is rather late to answer, but I just received my Bacchi today, after wanting to purchase one for years. In the meantime, I spent varying periods of time with a variety of coffee prep methods and and equipment, including moka pots (they make great coffee if you do things right), every kind of pour-over imaginable, immersion, ROK, Sirena rebuild and eventually a Gaggia Classic. Followed the rules about fresh roasted, fresh ground for all methods. So, I was prepared to experiment with the Bacchi when I received it today. I had some month-old locally roasted medium roast espresso around and I thought that would be a good starter bean to begin the "dialing in" process. I ground to a coarse espresso, same as I had used earlier in my ROK, with a Skerton hand grinder. My dose was 16 grams, which I "chopped" to fill the basket to the edges as evenly as possible, and followed all the directions that I could find on youtube...medium/high heat, hiss at 6 minutes; whistle just before 7, and I opened up the flow valve just slightly to start and a bit more after a few seconds. Then, the magic happened. Creama in abundance and I really wanted to taste it, but I tossed it as advised in the manufacturer's directions. I cooled, rinsed and dried all the parts, and fired up round 2. I didn't really adjust anything differently, as the first shot was spot on with timing, and the shot looked awesome. Only difference...the second shot, I tasted. I did not realize that, until that moment, I had never tasted a really good shot of espresso...anywhere...ever...until today. Even with my month-old beans, the complexity of flavors was incredible, and the mouthfeel was like silk! I always drink lattes, but I can assure you...I will not be adding anything to the shots that I make in the Bacchi. My biggest problem now, as I see it, is how my body is going to deal with all the espresso that I'm going to be drinking!! If you are thinking of purchasing a Bacchi, but are hesitating for one reason or another...DON'T!! You will NOT be disappointed; you will more than likely be shocked, as I was. This marvel makes espresso the way it's supposed to be made!