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Sep 10, 2010 08:44 PM

Moroccan Cuisine restaurant Leduc,AB [outside of Edmonton, near the airport, in town]

We were so impressed with this restaurant! The decor was beautiful and the food was outstanding. When we arrived and sat down the waiter gave us a glass of lemon ginger juice to start. I ordered chicken couscous with beautiful honey glazed onions raisins and chick peas. My husband got the beef tangine with apricots and rice. Wow..they were both delicious, oh i almost forgot we ordered the Moroccan salad and it was a combination of spiced carrots, cabbage, potatoes and an onion tomato mixture,
The waiter was so polite and attentive. We were full but then he gave us an Arabic coffee with some Moroccan cookies and some mint tea. Of course my husband had to get the dessert! Layers of crispy phyllo pastry with a banana cream filling with crushed almonds.
Our whole bill was only $32 dollars for all of it! I can say it was one of the best meals we have had for awhile and were shocked at how economical it was as well!!!
.We will be back soon!!

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  1. What is the name of the restaurant? Sounds very yummy.

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      Just a guess from this review

      moroccan cuisine and buffet
      6201 50 St., Leduc