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Sep 13, 2005 10:01 PM

Filipino food in Orange County

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I am trying to find a good Filipino restaurant in Orange County, preferably in the Tustin area. Ever since Manga closed, I haven't had any good Filipino food and I have a mighty hankering now. Help! Do you have any recommendation? Thank you!

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  1. Don't know any around relatives from the phillipines mentioned they went to a place in Anaheim called Kapit Bahay and said it was good....probably not a sit down place though...likely a steam table.... Best bet is probably around Cerritos, if that counts as OC....not sure...I don't really like the places there though.

    1. I have never been to this place but my Filipino employee told me about it. It is called Egg Rolls Etc.

      Don't let the name food you, the don't serve Chinese food. They do have lumpia other specialties.

      I believe it is more of a take out place. If any of you hounds have been there, I would love to hear what you think of it.

      1710 W Chapman Ave., Orange

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      1. re: cdmedici

        The worse place for food. The moment you walk in you'll see the food has been sitting on the steam counter far too long. Walk outside and go to the next mini-mall, the food is not great at Bicol Heaven but better than Egg Rolls Etc.

        Better yet, drive to Anaheim and go to Kapit Bahay or Bahay Natin.

        One more thing, I've been to this place three times ... I still have to see a single Egg Roll. And that is either meat (lumpia) or vegetables (lumpiang toge).

        1. re: Emmanuel

          Bicol Heaven is a lot better than Egg Rolls. I like their lechon kawali!!!! Their sisig has too much onions and is not very good. However their fried lumpia is good, so is their pork bbq.

          Bicol Heaven
          1738 W. Chapman (x Feldner) next to Donut Star

      2. There is a place in Fountain Valley called Manila Sunset, in the same shopping center as the Costco store.

        I've only been there once, had the arroz caldo congee soup, which was pretty good. Don't know how authentic it is, but they seemed to have a decent selection of items to choose from. Some of the items on their menu are pancit malabon, bibingka, puto bumbong, goto, sotanghon, tokwa't baboy, lumpia, and ukoy.

        Manila Sunset
        17870 Newhope St.
        Fountain Valley

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        1. re: Wonginator

          I also liked Manila Sunset, specifically for the arroz caldo (and the turon)...but the restaurant has since closed. They went out of business I think about two or three months ago.


          1. re: elmomonster

            Wow, I didn't know that. It was about 2 or 3 months ago that I went there, maybe a few weeks after the OC Register or the OC Weekly did that review on them.

            1. re: Wonginator

              OC Weekly or the Register reviewed them a few months ago? That's odd. I must have missed that. I would've liked to have read what they had to say.

              I also reviewed them on April here on Chowhound and on my own blog.


              1. re: elmomonster
                Gustavo Arellano

                I never reviewed Manila Sunset--I reviewed Kapit Bahay in Anaheim. In fact, based on elmomonster's review, I went off in search of Manila Sunset last weekend only to find a new Filipino market in its place. Damn.

                The Register never reviews Filipino restaurants. Most dailies don't. It truly is one of the most criminally under-appreciated cuisines in the Southland.

                1. re: Gustavo Arellano


                  It's cool to hear that you got a tip from me when I've gotten so many great ones from you!

                  It is too bad that Filipino food is so under-appreciated, and now that so many joints in O.C. are folding, it's under-represented.

                  I hope that my favorite joint, Magic Wok, in Cerritos/Artesia lasts.

                  BTW, that Filipino market (called "Tindahan") didn't replace Manila Sunset. It was right next door to it. "Tindahan", I think means "store" in Tagalog.

                  And oh yeah, "Tindahan" actually has a take-out counter with a few steam trays buried deep in the back of the store. It's like a mini "Turo-Turo" or "point-point"...I haven't tried any of it, but it looks authentic.


                  1. re: elmomonster

                    There's a four-year old Filipino restaurant in a strip mall in Garden Grove called Handaan. My husband and I--missing Filipino food--visited for breakfast last Saturday and enjoyed their "tuyo" (traditional breakfast dish: dried, salted fish you dip in vinegar and eat with fried eggs and garlic rice), "laing" and "pancit palabok." It was a drive for us, coming from Mission Viejo, but we decided we'd come back soon. Food is pretty good, very close to how it's served at home.

                    The "ensaimada" was a little different though. Ensaimada is a soft, sweet roll that's made with a lot of butter, and then sprinkled with grated cheese and sugar. It's eaten with thick hot chocolate (none at Handaan) for breakfast or a snack. Here, they've upped the ante--stuffing it with "ube", another FIlipino desert--sweetened yam. My husband and I agreed it was good, but deadly!

                    Handaan @ 9777 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove

                    1. re: elmomonster

                      I drove by Magic Wok on MOnday and it looked boarded up. Is it open while the rest of the burned building is being rebuilt?

                    2. re: Gustavo Arellano

                      Hi Gustavo,

                      Glad to see you on our board here. Guess I was mistaken about that review by the OC Weekly or OC Register. I could've sworn I read 2 different reviews of Manila Sunset, elmomonster's review being one of them, before deciding to try them out. Maybe it was in the OC Metro then? I have no idea now. Oh well.

                      1. re: Wonginator
                        Gustavo Arellano

                        Trust me--I'm on daily! Elmomonster--keep up the great work. And the Metro would never review a Filipino restaurant--never.

            2. I, too mourn the passage of Manga Grill and to an extent, Manila Peninsula. I can't believe MG closed from a lack of business (the place was almost always packed). I understand the owners, who own a successful food distribution company, simply got bored. Go figure.

              I know a good number of Pinoy restaurants have sprouted up like mushrooms after a rainy period, primarily in places liks La Palma, Buena Park, Anaheim Hills and La Mirada but, I'm challenged to even come up with their names. I doubt that any are formal sit downs but, probably steam table sitdowns/take outs.

              Please let us know what you find.

              1. there's actually a sizeable filipino community in garden grove from what i can see. i don't know the names of these places since i've only passed them, but
                1. there's a filipino market/video store on chapman & gilbert.
                2. on chapman & brookhurst in the same plaza as sav-ons (now CVS) is another filipino market and a small restaurant. it's kind of hidden, behind the CVS (across from prev. mentioned handaan).
                3. another filipino restaurant in fountan valley, on brookhurst and warner i believe next to a 7-eleven. name starts with a "K".

                hope that helps~

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                1. re: chair

                  The restaurant in Fountain Valley is Kapamilya on Euclid (even thought the street address is Warner) just south of Warner on the south-west side of the street. It's a little hard to see since it is set back from the street and there is no big sign on the street.

                  I just went there last night for the first time even though they have been open about a year.

                  I had the lechon kawali and the fish sinigang. My wife had the tapsilog which she enjoyed.

                  Not bad, not the best but nice to have around since Manila Sunset closed. I will go back again to try other things on the menu.

                  10964 Warner Avenue
                  Fountain Valley 92708