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Sep 10, 2010 06:47 PM

Wanted: Buttery Croissants in Calgary

I recently was in the French ex-pat mecca of London known as South Kensington, surrounded by glorious patisseries (I'm still trying to work off their devilish delights).

What I'm missing most are the buttery croissants. You know the ones, that seem buttered inside? I've tried Ladybug, Manuel Latruwe and Yann Patisserie and, while good (especially the last), not buttery. I didn't try the plain croissant at Itza, being too busy stuffing myself with pain au chocolat.

So is it Mission Impossible or can my fellow Cowtown 'hounds give me some leads on these elusive viennoiseries?

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  1. Eclair de Lune, 1049 40 Avenue Northwest

    Eclair de Lune
    1049 40 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0G2, CA

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    1. re: worldwidestuff

      Thanks for reminding me about it. I'm going to try to make it up this weekend.

      1. re: worldwidestuff

        Perfect! Thanks a bunch, wws. Too bad that it's a bit of a way from my placeā€”or maybe that's for the best.

      2. Itza's croissants are nice and buttery, but (as I posted before) not the texture I am looking for along with the butter. I want flakey and crispy, especially the ends, which are my favourite part when I get a good one. Paris, sigh...but even there, some are just better than others. It is subjective.

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        1. re: Albertagirl

          For the crispy texture with plenty of layers, check out the ones at Wilde Grainz Artisan Bakery in Inglewood. The one I tried had many buttery layers.

          As an aside, the closest croissants to the ones I've had in France are the ones from Thomas Haas in Vancouver (wish they would open a shop here in Calgary...).

          1. re: Fid

            mmm Wilde Grainz is so good! I had the cinnamon bun(brioche?) and croissant... I do recall a flakey crispy texture... damn you europeans and your bakeries. I had all but forgotten about parisian cannelles (which sadly cannot get here!)

        2. This may sound horrible but honestly the small croissants at Costco are very buttery good. Only problem is that you need to buy a lot of them.

          The only two places I've ever had amazing croissants was Charlies Bakery (closed down) but the baker now works at Rise so maybe they might be good there and Gourmet Croissant in Canmore but they might have changed their recipe as they were not very flaky anymore inside, but maybe it was a bad batch.

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          1. re: slingshotz

            Happened to go today so I picked up a box. Pretty good. Not Eclair de Lune but way better than say a Safeway's. I'm always wary to try stuff from Costco that I've never had before in case I don't like it and end up with tons of it so thanks for the recommendation.

            Eclair de Lune
            1049 40 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0G2, CA

            1. re: Jasz

              Costco has some pretty good items when you look but the problem is that just when you discover them and get slightly addicted, they run out of stock and it never comes back.....

              If you can go with a friend to split things to try then it's not as big a gamble. The Prime grade steaks are pretty amazing there too (only available in the SW and NW).

          2. Not wanting to slam Costco, but come on, is that the best we can do in a city with many bakeries, it's not like we are in a one bakery town in the middle of nowhere. The best we can find is frozen and made when and where! I haven't tried Claire de Lune; must get there.