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Sep 10, 2010 06:17 PM

What cut is "flap meat"? Having a hard time finding it. Is it sometimes called something else?

Whenever I watch America's Test Kitchen, they keep suggesting "Flap Meat" and I just can't find it. I checked the butcher on Fresh Direct which usually has every cut of meat and no luck. I know where it is located (which is near the sirloin, I believe) but they said it is not sirloin steak or top sirloin, but a flap of meat near the sirloin. Could it be called something else?

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  1. Flap meat comes from the bottom sirloin, and although it's from a similar region as flank steak or skirt steak, it's a different cut. Not very tender, but well-marbled and flavorful. It's sometimes called flap steak or bavette, but bavette can also refer to flank steak. Your best bet is to talk to a butcher.

    1. Ethnic markets like Hispanic markets will have it. Used for marinating and grilling like carne asada.

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        I checked the market in "little Mexico" on E118th street and he had no idea what I wanted. Would you happen to know what the Hispanic markets call it? (He kept trying to give me regular sirloin steak.)

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          Mexican carnicerias in the San Francisco area call it arrachera.

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            Yup, and it's perfect for carne asada.

            Sometimes it's also called entraƱa, and if you talk to the french, they'll call it bavette.

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            There is an Hispanic market around here (Metro DC) that sells tons of that stuff, very reasonably priced. They call it 'fajita flap'. I've seen other stores call it just 'flap meat'.

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              Here in Phoenix, the Mexican market (Ranch Market) I buy it at lists it as "carne ranchera" in the butcher case, and "fresca y marinada" ("fresh"/without or with marinade). I love it not just for carne asada, but for stir-fries and stock up when it goes on sale for $2.98/lb.

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                Try a Cuban,Argentin,Uruguayian market they call it "vacio".Flat meat is diferent than flap meat, I tried both.

            2. They could also be referring to the cap of a prime rib. This fatty, well marbled piece of meat hangs below the eye of the rib eye, and is connected by a great deal of fat. My grandfather is a butcher and this is always the most prized cut of the rib roast.

              I have also seen this referred to as "deckle"

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                Your grandfather is absolutly right !

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                  If I could only reliably find that cut I'd consider it nirvana. It would be nirvqana.

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                  The rib eye cap is indeed the best meat of meat ever! Whenever I buy a rib eye steak I always go for the steak with the biggest spinalis muscle.

                3. Tell your butcher it is NAMP 185A. This is the product code for flap steak from the North American Meat Processors Association.

                  1. I live in the San Francisco Metropolitian area, the area butchers know what I want and cannot provide "flap meat", I made ATK's Sirlion Tips recipe with skirt steak, based on a butcher's recommendation, a bit chewy but I would make it again. The butcher knew what flap meat was and told me he could not get it.

                    I saw Flap Meat at Costco, ~2 weeks ago, 3 "flaps", ~$30. Looked similar to the skirt steak. I did not purchase them.

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                      These are very helpful and I appreciate the replies.