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Sep 10, 2010 05:11 PM

Sho-Dan: the best meal we have had anywhere

My husband and I are in Montreal for our 10th anniversary vacation (we live in Florida). After a not-so-great dinner experience last night at Alexandre's on Peel, we randomly selected Sho-Dan tonight, no knowing what to expect. We were escorted to the sushi bar, where our personal sushi chef created a variety of premium dishes for us. We started with a gyoza appetizer, then the chef created a himachi w/ginger and scallion dish that was fantastic. Our second dish was my favorite: tempura fried basil leaf topped with tuna/mango/cilantro/fried carrot salad. The third and fourth dishes were similar to each other, and I don't recall all of the ingredients, but the rolls and the sauces were superb.

The entire experience was EXQUISITE. Between the two of us, my husband and I have eaten all over the world - New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Beijing, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, London, Paris, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, etc. - and we agreed this was the BEST meal either of us has ever had, anywhere. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to go back tomorrow night, but my husband says we should expand our culinary horizons. :)

Restaurant Sho-Dan
2020 Rue Metcalfe, Montreal, QC H3A1X8, CA

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  1. I went three years ago for my birthday and it was the only time I went. We let the waiter guide us through our choices and chefs recommendations. In the end we found it to be pretty good sushi (mikasa quality) but not worth the 100 dollar/person price.
    Then again, that was a long time ago, and only once; but I have no interest in returning.

    This is the shodan on metcalfe there is another one on rene levesque ive never been too but it looks lower quality.