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Sep 10, 2010 04:10 PM

Chien-Chaud Victoire (Great Hot Dog Place In Montréal)

Hello everyone! I'm here to share a great discovery: Victoire.
The place has the reputation of being the VERY BEST Hot Dog place in Montréal! As soon as you enter you realize that this place has been open for a very very long time!
It is located on Beaver Hall in between of La Gauchetière & Viger.
The food is what you would expect from a joint liie this: Hot Dogs, French Fries, Grilled Cheese & Poutine.
Actually 2 Toasted Hot Dogs and a Spruce Beer will cost you only 5$!!!
Could anyone tell me if you've been here and how was your eating experiences?

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  1. My inaugral visit to Chien Chaud Victoire was in 1981 and my latest was about a month or so ago and I really think nothing has changed. Even one of the guys behind the counter has been there forever!

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      1. re: RhondaB

        What kind of hot dogs do they serve? Are they really beefy and have a nice snap? I resorted to making my own hot dogs just because I couldn't find a good one in Montreal.

        1. re: nextguy

          By "making my own hot dogs" do you mean the sausages? If not where do you find good hot-dogs in casings? This has been an ongoing and quite frustrating quest of mine for a while, now. And if you do make your own sausages, I salute your dedication.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Yes, I do mean the sausages. Mine are made from 1/3 short rib meat, 1/3 shoulder blade, and 1/3 brisket. The process is quite labor intensive including 2 grindings, 1 blitzing in the food processor, toasting of my spice mix, and the stuffing (I use collagen casings because I can't find sheep casings). I then smoke them in mesquite. In total it takes 3 days and the cost ends up being around 1.25 per sausage so it isn't cheap. With all the effort I put it I only buy the best meats and the highest quality spices. As you can imagine I have also gone mad looking for the best hot dogs in the area but found nothing to satisfy me. This was my only solution and I took it very seriously. My wife says too seriously but that's just her opinion! She eats them nonetheless.

          2. re: nextguy

            Hotdogs served there are you're regular hotdogs, however, they do make them toasted which is great for a change!

        2. Damn, now the word is out! One of my fave hole-in-the-walls. Like Mtl Pool Room, but without the "glamour".

          1. i work close there and i've been meaning to try to eat there. last time i walked there, the line up almost hit viger.. which is a bit too long for me. I guess it's worth the wait?

            1. I hate to disillusion you, but this place is nothing special. The hot dogs are average, just like the fries. The place itself has no charm whatsoever, and I suspect they would have gone out
              of business many years ago if it weren't for the business generated by the many office towers in the immediate area.

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              1. re: red sauce

                Are you kidding me? This place rocks. I've eaten there at least 20 times and I'd rank it among my top 10 Montreal classics without hesitation.

                Are you perhaps confusing it with McGill Hotdog down the street? (another place that's been around for decades but is closer to average, more like what you described)

                1. re: red sauce

                  I'm sorry to say this, but I have to agree with anachemia: they have the best Hot Dogs in town...and it DOES have a nice 50's style charm to it....I've never had a bad meal there....after you go eat there a few couple of times you start to realize the charm of the looks especially fab on a rainy-stormy day!

                  1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                    They recently relocated to a new location, very close by? Somebody had mentioned it somewhere(maybe on this site).

                    1. re: BLM

                      WHAT?!?! I HOPE THEY DIDN'T CLOSE!!!!!!!!! Could you please find out where they relocated for me? That would be most appreciated! Thanx.

                      1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                        Never said it would close. It had to relocate close-by because the building where it was located is to be torned down(or something like that).

                        1. re: BLM

                          They are moving to 600 de la Gauchetiere, as the building where they were located will be demolished to make place for a new office and condo tower.

                          1. re: westaust

                            They may have already moved. The sign on their door, in December when I was there, said as of January, 2011. Address above is correct. I am presumming they are in the food court of the building, but I may be wrong.

                            Agree they are great hot dogs and frites. Maybe not the best but certainly in the top 10 in Montreal area. The servers are entertaining, if you watch them for a bit, it is quite fascinating to see how they work together.
                            The long line of people out the door at lunch time cannot all be wrong.

                            1. re: southwestmtl

                              The sign on their door when I checked today, is that they're moving to 600 de la Gauchetiere in late-January.

                              1. re: BLM

                                Does someone know if the place is open now? I can't wait to try their hot dogs! D:

                                1. re: Gluttoners

                                  No, they are not open yet.
                                  I had breakfast at the food court today, and they are still working on it.
                                  I think they will open shortly, the fryers , steamers and everything else is install.
                                  I'll ask the owner tomorrow morning and i'll post again tomorrow night...


                                  1. re: clcormie

                                    Where are they situated again? In what food court?

                                    1. re: Gluttoners

                                      The food court at 600 de la gauchetiere (National Bank/Aon building complex)

                                      1. re: westaust

                                        Good news...Chien-Chaud Victoire is now OPEN.
                                        I had lunch there today.
                                        Always the same great hot-dogs and fries.
                                        A lot of people were waiting on line at noon...


                                        1. re: clcormie

                                          YEAH! Can't wait to try it! :) thank you for this update clcormie.

                2. Yes its finally open in the food court of the 600 DLG, right under the National Bank Tower. Lineups are insane between 11:30 and 1:00 so try to avoid it !

                  If i may speak for the food court, it's very nicely renovated but for now, the selection of restaurants are lame! Victoire is the only place worth it !

                  Ena poutine please!