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looking for andouille sausage and okra in Edmonton

I live in Edmonton and am Im looking for a place to buy andouille sausage and okra, anyone out there who can help me?

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  1. Many of the grocery stores have okra - the Save-On by my house for instance. Andouille, I hope someone has a source because I want to know too.

    1. Andouille is hard to come by. Here's a recent thread on the subject - started by a Calgary hound but the discussion wasn't limited to YYC: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/511183

      I *think* I saw andouille at the Italian Centre (south side) last time I was there but I'm not positive... might be worth a call? http://www.italiancentre.ca/contact.html

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        am going there tomorrow to stock up on Bles-Wold yogurt so I will look.

        There has been a place listed on the Good Food Box site that has andouille, can't remember the name, but they only sold through there from what I can figure out.

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          I have seen it at Care-it Deli in the west end, but only occasionally, it would be worth calling and asking there, I would also call Ben's Meats and ask if he can get it.

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            bought some from O solo meats (or something like that) at the downtown market this morning. It is frozen, and not sure when I will use it but will report back. Their other products available for tasters - chorizo and cardamom salami and were extremely good!

        1. T and T at the mall stocks okra regularly, and it usually looks good ( fresh)

          1. I have been to Cajun country in Louisiana and tried many excellent andouille sausages. I will tell you that, apart from the extra seasoning, it is remarkably similar to the local kielbasa sausage. They are both smoked ham sausages, with chunks easily visible, NOT a ground pork sausage. So, if you are using it in a gumbo or jambalaya that is already highly spiced, go ahead and use kielbasa. Most people would not notice or know the difference. However, if you demand authenticity, there is a website www.cajungrocer.com that will ship you the real deal.

            1. I am pretty sure that Superstore used to have a President's Choice branded Andouille. You might want to check there.

              1. Edmontonians rejoice!!! After many weeks of searching the Edmonton and surrounding area, I discovered that Butcher's Block in Sherwood park has andouille sausage. BB is located at #228, 390 Baseline Rd, Sherwood Park. Give them a call (780-467-7677) in advance to make sure they have it ready or if they have to make some up.

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                  fantastic news, I always assumed there was none to be had in Edmonton~thanks!!

                2. I know this thread is nearly a year old, but maybe you are still curious. I find okra comes and goes fresh from grocery stores. Safeway, Save-on, Sobey's all seem to have it sometimes and not others. Doesn't seem seasonal either, since it has shown up at the oddest times. Safeway always has frozen too, which I use in a pinch, depending what kind of dish I'm making.

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                      That's not totally convenient for me, but more convenient than frozen okra. Thanks.

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                        I realize this thread is old but did want to confirm that Butcher Block in Sherwood Park has frozen andouille sausage available. I just purchased some yesterday and have yet to make use of it. I just wanted to add that I thought the biggest challenge would be finding gumbo file powder but it wasn't as elusive as I anticipated. I made a trip to Sunterra's on the south side of Edmonton and they have Paul Prudhommes Gumbo File powder. Now I'm ready to try making a chicken gumbo recipe I recently came accross that sounds promising. Will provide an update once I've tried out both products.