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Sep 10, 2010 03:55 PM

Nana's Kitchen 546 Atlantic Hwy Rte 1 Northport, ME 04849

This little restaurant sure doesn't look like much from Rte 1, but WOW about the food and service.
A very interesting food thing is going on at this place! Seems as though the menu changes at least every month. has anybody else check this out?

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  1. Nana's Kitchen Rte 1 Northport Maine

    1. We've had lunch there a couple of times and we really like it. It's quite casual. The food isn't fancy but it's honest and very reasonably priced. They're even doing delivery now - a $3 charge for a $20 minimum order. A paved parking area would do a lot to upgrade the curb appeal. Inside it's clean, bright and very friendly. We'd definitely recommend it.