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Sep 10, 2010 03:49 PM

Looking for alternatives to Waitrose in Clerkenwell, esp for Asian food, hot sauces, and organic

Went to my new local grocery store Waitrose on St.John St for the first time today ...i was happy to find that they had some of my staple foods: unsweetened soymilk, organic blueberries, free range eggs, etc...

But i almost laughed when i saw the limited hot sauce section (which included one of newer bad verisons of Tabasco, something else full of vegetable oil and sugar, HP sauce, and not much else LOL)...and i'd like to find a place that has even more organic food options...and Asian ingredients...

Any suggestions on where else to shop for organic groceries, Asian items, and specialty foods in the greater Clerkenwell area....i.e. should i go to Hoxton for Asian foods?...

Thanks much...

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  1. I'd go to Gazzano and Sons for Italian stuff and the butcher on Theobalds Rd for meat. I don't know of any Asian supermarkets in that area - there's some in Hackney (Mare St, Kingsland Road) but I'd head to Chinatown I think. You can walk there in less than half an hour, iirc.

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      there's an asian grocer in shoreditch called longan, not sure if that's closer?

    2. Good thai/asian off chapel market, angel N1. Don't know name but it's the second (?) turning on the right coming from Liverpool Rd. I must plug my friend Cath's lovely grocery Unpackaged on Amwell Street, Clerkenwell - I believe number 48 in Time Out's recent London's best shops??? Fairtrade, organic, local, sustainable - everything any Chowhound could want. Bring empty containers (tupperware, kilner jars) and she will fill them with her goods.

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