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Sep 10, 2010 03:33 PM

Guida's Drive In-I like it!

Ok, ok everyone has mentioned their chili-cheese dog and today I finally tried it. You're all right, it's delicious. The bun is split-top (New England) style and it's buttered and toasted (or grilled) perfectly. The American cheese under the very tasty dog was melty and delicious and the chili (beanless, like I like it on a dog) had a little bite and tasted quite a bit of tomato. I totally dug it.
I can't say that I like it better than my beloved Saints chili-cheese dog but I think if I had a few more from Guida's I could become a convert.

The waitstaff was very nice. I'd read comments elsewhere that indicated they could be surly but that wasn't my experience. They also have Giffords ice cream which I was too full to try but I've heard that it's excellent from a friend who frequents the Lakes Region of NH.

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  1. I was there today and had 2 chili-cheese dogs with kraut. They were so good!! I do think they are better than Saints but just my opinion of course! It's funny.........sometimes I think the staff at saints could be friendlier.

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      I guess the staff at Saints don't smile much but the thing I like about the place is even though I go there only 4 or so times a year, they remember me and know that I'm pretty much ready to order the moment I'm seated. I met the owner once too and bought a neat Saints t-shirt from him. He was very enthusiastic about my love of their dogs.