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Sep 10, 2010 02:35 PM

Where might I find chocolate bread in the MD/DC area?

Hello fellow Chowhounders! My mother has come down with a craving for chocolate bread. She told me she had some delicious chocolate bread a few years ago, but couldn't remember exactly where she bought it. I've tried calling around to some local bakeries, but no luck. Does anyone know where I might find some chocolate bread, please? Southern Montgomery county would be ideal, but I won't be choosy. Thank you!

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  1. Pardon my ignorance on this, but can you describe chocolate bread in a little more detail? Is it like bread with cocoa in the dough or more like pain au chocolate? Is it made by a specific ethinic group?

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        reiflame and cheesepowder: My apologies for not being more specific. I've asked my mother, and she said "like a regular bread, but with cocoa in the dough." I know I've come across this sort of bread before, but it has been a long time and I cannot recall where I saw it.

        cheesepowder-- I LOVE chocolate babka. I think the best chocolate babka I've ever had was from Breads Unlimited in Bethesda.

        Breads Unlimited
        6914 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD

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          Maybe not the most helpful but I tried googling and came up mostly blank, but here's a recipe from a local baker:

          I was hoping it was a baker who owned a bakery, but sadly no.

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            I *think* I've seen that at Shilla in Annandale as one of the samples once.

        2. Have you tried calling Great Harvest Bread? It's a chain, I know there's one in Bethesda. They might have something like that.

          Great Harvest Bread
          1711 Centre Plz, Alexandria, VA

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            The Great Harvest in Columbia offers a chocolate loaf, but it's more like a giant brownie in a loaf pan.

          2. Spring Mill Bakery in Bethesda has a chocolate cherry bread that's pretty tasty.

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              Could id have been Le Madeleine? They used to have a variety of different types and flavors of bread - a white chocolate I loved. Unfortuately, they stopped making them.

            2. Thanks everyone, for your replies. I'm going to give that chocolate cherry a try--I have to wait until the first Saturday in October though! I'll keep looking. Thanks again, everyone!