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Where might I find chocolate bread in the MD/DC area?

Hello fellow Chowhounders! My mother has come down with a craving for chocolate bread. She told me she had some delicious chocolate bread a few years ago, but couldn't remember exactly where she bought it. I've tried calling around to some local bakeries, but no luck. Does anyone know where I might find some chocolate bread, please? Southern Montgomery county would be ideal, but I won't be choosy. Thank you!

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  1. Pardon my ignorance on this, but can you describe chocolate bread in a little more detail? Is it like bread with cocoa in the dough or more like pain au chocolate? Is it made by a specific ethinic group?

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        reiflame and cheesepowder: My apologies for not being more specific. I've asked my mother, and she said "like a regular bread, but with cocoa in the dough." I know I've come across this sort of bread before, but it has been a long time and I cannot recall where I saw it.

        cheesepowder-- I LOVE chocolate babka. I think the best chocolate babka I've ever had was from Breads Unlimited in Bethesda.

        Breads Unlimited
        6914 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD

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          Maybe not the most helpful but I tried googling and came up mostly blank, but here's a recipe from a local baker:


          I was hoping it was a baker who owned a bakery, but sadly no.

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            I *think* I've seen that at Shilla in Annandale as one of the samples once.

        2. Have you tried calling Great Harvest Bread? It's a chain, I know there's one in Bethesda. They might have something like that.

          Great Harvest Bread
          1711 Centre Plz, Alexandria, VA

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            The Great Harvest in Columbia offers a chocolate loaf, but it's more like a giant brownie in a loaf pan.

          2. Spring Mill Bakery in Bethesda has a chocolate cherry bread that's pretty tasty.

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              Could id have been Le Madeleine? They used to have a variety of different types and flavors of bread - a white chocolate I loved. Unfortuately, they stopped making them.

            2. Thanks everyone, for your replies. I'm going to give that chocolate cherry a try--I have to wait until the first Saturday in October though! I'll keep looking. Thanks again, everyone!

              1. i know that the giant at virginia square (arlington) had chocolate bread there a few years ago (and it was very good). but that's not my regular giant, so who knows about these days? maybe that's helpful, maybe not. call and ask them.

                1. Wegmans used to make the chocolate bread (pane al cioccolato). It was a holiday bread they did first in February for Valentine's Day and then they did it the next year for Christmas and then they stopped making it. :cry:

                  It is a chocolate bread made with cocoa and large chocolate chunks.

                  Ask her if it looked like this:


                  1. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor has amazing loafs of chocolate cherry bread. If your mom has a really big craving you can do a mail order.

                    1. Thank you again, everyone, for all the great suggestions! My mother stopped by Great Harvest Bakery in Rockville the other day and picked up a delicious pumpkin chocolate chip loaf. It is truly moist and decadent. I guess this satisfied her chocolate bread craving (for now!).