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Sep 10, 2010 01:20 PM

dried chiles with a side of bugs

The kindest person on earth found and sent me an unusual variety of packaged dried chiles. I discovered that the original packaging (from the manufacturer, not the kindest person on earth) had airholes, and many little bugs were crawling over the chiles.

One option is to toss the bag, which would be my inclination were these not a hard-to-find variety that might not come my way again.

Any advice on freezing? I see that many people recommend freezing dried chiles to prevent infestations, but I don't know if freezing already-infested chiles would kill off the critters and whatever invisible eggs they've laid.

Any other alternatives for salvaging these chiles?

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  1. seems to me they'd just be added protien. freeze 'em to kill 'em then grind the chilis into a podwer.


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      Hey you and I have consumed more insects than we care to know about......Freeze to kill larvae and or eggs and as above, scuba says "freeze to Kill" and enjoy!!!