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Sep 10, 2010 11:26 AM


Has anyone checked out The Treasury on Jasper Ave yet?

My fiance and I were excited about the addition of a "supper club" and wine/oyster bar to Edmonton and were planning to go tonight. I was also going to make reservations for dinner there next week for his birthday.

We just got back from NYC and Paris where we hit the sophisticated supper clubs and speakeasys and were hoping this place would be comparable.

However, after looking at their website, I'm REALLYhesitant. The video and photos show nothing but women removing their clothing and the whole vibe of the site is neither classy nor aimed at adults. It's a big turn off.

It comes off as just another 100--targeting businessmen and the desperately dressed women who flirt with them for free drinks.

But this could be just bad marketing--has anyone actually tried it out yet?


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  1. found a forum talking about it. Seems that focus is on the nightclub portion. However I think if you like the Vegas style bar with bottle service at Vegas prices, this might be your place. It does seem intriguing, however a little pretentious (maybe that is because I have moved to a small town now HA!). When I perused their website dinner did not seem to be the main draw. Not really sure how it would work, come in for an expensive meal...but at 10pm it turns into a nightclub? Or are there separate rooms? Found out the Chef is Paul Greene of Madison's, Dante's, Century & Lux.....Didn't Dante's try this concept (sort of) at the beginning of their inception? pricey food, trendy atmosphere, with night club access too. Obviously did not work. I just don't know if you can mix the 2 crowds in Edmonton.

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      My fiance and I went there last night. The wine and oyster bar, located in the basement, are not open yet. They said they are likely to open just before the holidays.

      Until it opens, we are not going back.

      The Treasury is just 100, 2.0.

      We stopped in for a cocktail around 9 pm. We were seated in the cavernous room despite not having a reservation. (There were approximately 7 tables occupied in the big room).

      The room is full of hits and misses. The hits: gorgeous chandeliers, mosaic columns and ambient lighting. Misses: they clearly didn't know which style/era they were going for. The booths were covered in cheap vinyl and the the ones int he center had cheap Ikea-looking wooden backs with square metal posts between them. The stools were right out of someone's suburban kitchen.

      Then there's the dozen televisions blaring football. It's so incongrous, and who wants to watch football when sipping a chapagne cocktail in their little black dress? The tvs aren't only annoying and inappropriate, but they are bright, killing the ambience. The music is loud and obnoxious club music. Not sophisticated or interesting, just the same stuff you'd hear at any club. (We are 30 year old professionals who just got back from Paris where we had a great night at Buddha Bar, which has equally loud but much more interesting and creative music). You have to speak loudly to be heard by the person next to you.

      The male bartenders get to wear a shirt and tie but the female servers are dressed like they are selling a lot more than drinks--super short dresses, bare legs, heels. It's not only inapproriate and sexist, but it's just tacky and gauche. What is with the phenomenon in Edmonton of the barely clad server (I'm talking to you 100, Chop, Treasury, Joey's and Earls). Go to any other big city and you don't get a side of desperation with your champagne.

      Also, I asked our very nice server if they had to dress this way and--surprise!--they do. They women are also forced to wear heels and get in trouble if they change into flats. This despite them having ot carry heavy trays up and down a flight of stairs (the kitchen is upstairs). She said they hate it and it's dangerous and painful and it's very sexist, but they don't have a choice. That alone is enough to make us never go back there. This is not a 1970s Playboy Club, but that's exactly what they are going for.

      The cocktails list is creative and extensive and, for once, their martinis are actual martinis, not just cocktails in a glass. They use Moet and Chandon in their champagne cocktails and they are a steal at $13 a glass. I asked if you could just get a glass of Moet but our server wasn't sure what the price would be. The champagne cocktail we ordered (Champagne Julep) was great--well mixed and cold, although the champagne was a bit flat. The gin fizz was horrible, all simple syrup and no gin, and served with a browning lime wedge.

      The crowd was mixed, but it was early. As we were leaving, the packs of desperate women and cocky men started to arrive--same crowd as 100. We weren't that surprised after having looked at their website which features a video of women removing clothing--and their cocktail list also has half dressed women pictured throughout (it's incredibly tacky).

      We opted not to stay for dinner, being put off by the sexist double standards for the servers there and also wanting to escape the thumping club music.

      When we left, we walked down the stairs and our exit was prevented by velvet red ropes. It was funny. The bouncer looked embarassed and unclipped the rope to let us leave. The extensive set up of red carpet and ropes outside doesn't a red carpet club make. For that, you need hip music, servers with clothing and to turn off the damn football.

      This place really duplicates 100, with 100 being better. It isn't a supper club or adult or anything it claims--it's just another meat market spot. It's target isn't sophisticated professionals, but desperate singles. And the bottle service? That's so ten years ago. It's funny that they pride themselves on it, especialy as in Edmonton the bottle must be locked so there is no point to it other than pretention.

      I lived in NY for eight years and travel extensively. We just returned from Paris where we prefered the intimacy and sophistication of champagne bars M and Flute to the be-seen atmosphere of Buddha Bar (although we did enjoy BB).

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        Interestingly, The Treasury received a positive review in The Journal yesterday: