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Sep 10, 2010 11:10 AM

Is this a Plan for Montreal (food centered visit)

The two of us will be in Montreal for Thursday and Friday nights, September 23 and 24. Flight is to arrive at 4PM. I have reservations for Thursday night at AuPied de Cochon and Friday night at Au Cinqueme Peche, wanting some typical Quebec experience and also French food. We plan to spend Friday (morning anyway and maybe longer) at the Jean-Talon market. We are staying at the Hyatt on Jeanne Mance.
Does this sound like a good plan? Having read some semi-bad reveiws (maybe mediocre would be a better description) of APDC, I am having second thoughts. My husband is a lighter eater and would probably have fish, but I was planning the duck in the can. Do not want to waste a meal on least than great!
Certainly want to sight see in the old town. Any reccomendations for lunch/brunch there on Saturday? Is there anyplace good close to the hotel? Must try the bagels and Schwartz?
Open to suggestions.

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  1. What about Kazu? Read wonderful reviews although it does not fit either of my categories.

    1. You are immediately across the street from T and F , I suggest you try one of them.

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        Hey, hate to be ignorant, but what are T and F?

        1. re: noradailey

          Brasserie T! and F Bar, which are both right across the street from your hotel.

          1. re: noradailey

            Brasserie T!: The scaled down and less expensive bistro style restaurant of Toque

            F Bar: The scaled down and less expensive bistro/portugese style restaurant of Cafe Ferreira

            Both have excellent lunch specials for 20 dollars (dont know about saturday) and are located in a beautiful brand new square with very pretty fountains. The vieo isnt nice but its the best I could find quickly

            1485, rue Jeanne-Mance
            514 289-4558

            1425 Jeanne-Mance corner Ste-Catherine,
            Montreal, Quebec
            T: 514-282-0808

            Its a toss up between the two.... they are both very good ; make sure you reserve.

            1. re: kpaxonite

              So glad to know about T and F. In a new city, location can be a plus factor. I had considered Cafe Ferreira,, so F is a real possibility. I am considering canceling ADPC in favor of this. No comments here on a5c. Which should I cancel?

        2. You should definitely try Olive & Gourmando for lunch on saturday in Old Montreal. Always overcrowed, but you'll want to go back over and over again as everything is so delicious. If it's not too cold, grab a few things and walk towards the Old Port... there's some picnic tables near the river. Be sure to grab a few "palmier" for the road... actually... take everything you can !

          Olive et Gourmando
          351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

          1. My husband and I are visiting Montreal right now, from Florida. I just posted a review of our experience tonight at Sho-Dan. I HIGHLY recommend it. Check out my review.

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              personally i would skip olive & Gourmando, big disappointment after all the hype, cute place but fig bread was heavy, bland, pastries nothing special and the sandwich i chose was totally ordinary, I have been 3x and would not return. Be careful what you order at APDC as very heavy, the person next to us ordered duck in a can and although it was fun to watch I think i would order lighter food or split it (he did eat the whole thing though). If you are more wanting fish, lighter fare you may not really enjoy the APDC experience--I have gone with persons who avoid red meat and they were not impressed. We sat at the bar last time as we had no reservations and it was more interesting watching the serving area. We went quite late and staff were very relaxed, ready to explain things, told us kitchen closes down at midnight. It is not impressive in appearance so for some lack the wow factor in what they want from a restaurant experience. I think if you stick with french you ll have a memorable time here-the poutine, smoked meat theme is not what montreal is to me.

              the fountains opposite T and F have started a new colour programmed show 3x a night from Wed.-Sat for next month

              1. re: starbucksbrew

                To be honest, if you're going to waste a meal on sushi here, you might as well try Jun-i. I have yet to understand the hype over Sho-Dan - IMHO it's okay, but nothing special. There are so many places in Montreal that have food you can't easily find elsewhere, that it seems a shame not to try as many of them as you can...

                1. re: cherylmtl

                  If we're talking sushi in Montreal, my favourite is Tri Express. The omakaze menus are really generous, creative and delicious.

                  Tri Express
                  1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA

              2. I'm not sure why what was once universal acclaim for APDC on this board is now starting to waver. I think it's still a fun and wonderful Montreal institution, especially for visitors. I had a great time there even though I'm not a big meat and foie gras person. Normally I'd recommend Schwartz's hands-down but it would be understandable if you weren't in the mood for a heavy meat sandwich the day after APDC.

                To me, nothing is more heavenly than getting a St-Viateur or Fairmont bagel straight out of the oven. More than that, heading for bagels brings you to Mile-End, one of Montreal's nicest walking areas and a place you might not get to otherwise.