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Sep 10, 2010 08:31 AM

Amazing new ice cream and gelato parlor on Staten Island

I've only been in Staten Island for four months, and it is full of pleasantly jarring surprises. For instance, nestled in a strip mall across from Lowe's on Forest Avenue is a new creamery called Maze's. The ice cream is all homemade, and features well-realized flavors such as red velvet cake, cookie monster, and and carrot cake. The ice cream is supplemented by water ices with lots of whole fruit, and a full selection of homemade gelato (ricotta and fig, strawberry with balsamic, etc). More curiously, there is a full line of vegan ice creams with coconut, soy, and hemp bases. The totally fantastic ice cream is supported by environmentally conscious packaging--recycled napkins, compostable spoons, etc. It's open until 11pm most nights, and the prices are reasonable. All this in a strip mall. Screw you, Manhattan.

2236 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY 10303

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  1. This place sounds great, thanks for the tip! Welcome to SI!

    1. Wow... and we just went to Friendly's....

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        Friendly's on Hylan Blvd is anything but!...