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Amazing new ice cream and gelato parlor on Staten Island

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I've only been in Staten Island for four months, and it is full of pleasantly jarring surprises. For instance, nestled in a strip mall across from Lowe's on Forest Avenue is a new creamery called Maze's. The ice cream is all homemade, and features well-realized flavors such as red velvet cake, cookie monster, and and carrot cake. The ice cream is supplemented by water ices with lots of whole fruit, and a full selection of homemade gelato (ricotta and fig, strawberry with balsamic, etc). More curiously, there is a full line of vegan ice creams with coconut, soy, and hemp bases. The totally fantastic ice cream is supported by environmentally conscious packaging--recycled napkins, compostable spoons, etc. It's open until 11pm most nights, and the prices are reasonable. All this in a strip mall. Screw you, Manhattan.

2236 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY 10303

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  1. This place sounds great, thanks for the tip! Welcome to SI!

    1. Wow... and we just went to Friendly's....

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        Friendly's on Hylan Blvd is anything but!...