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Sep 10, 2010 05:44 AM

Asheville Downtown: Sun-Mon-Tues Specials?

We are making our first trip to Asheville this fall. I can think of a handful of restaurants in our area that have reoccurring nightly specials that aren’t really well promoted on their websites.

To help us decide where to go on which evenings…thought we’d see if there are any special nightly deals or offerings falling on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesdays that are worth checking out.

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  1. Hmmm...I can't think of any restaurant deals off the top of my head that would be offered at restaurants I'd recommend with the exception of Bouchon's Mon/Tue/Wed night mussels deal - all you can eat (different preparations) for $14 and $12 bottles of wine - and I don't like mussels so I can't even tell you if it's worth the special trip.

    However, I think you'll find that most of the repeat recommendations on this board are very reasonable in terms of price - Tupelo Honey, Early Girl, Sunny Point, Mela, and depending on how much food you order off the small plates menu, The Admiral and Zambra - none of those are going to break the bank. I was very pleased at the value we received at Fiore's downtown recently, too, so if budget is a concern and you want a "nice" dinner out you may want to think about that. It was a more upscale (yet still casual) Italian dinner - one of the better meals I've had in town, actually - and we got out of there for around $40pp including appetizer, 2 entrees, tip and wine, and even brought home a pile of leftovers.

    Make sure you check the websites of places you want to try first to make sure they will be open - many Asheville area places are closed on Sunday and some on Mon/Tues nights.

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      Thanks. We will definitely be checking out several of the restaurants you mentioned...even without a deal. Thanks for the tip on Fiore...had not looked at that one.

    2. We were in Asheville Sunday night and had wonderful dinner at Table. Walking in, we were made to feel very welcome on a rainy night. Room is beautiful. We ordered a bunch of appetizers, as we usually do, to make a tasting menu and loved everything. Here it is Tuesday and I can still remember the butternut soup with crisp pork (I think) quinelles, the fresh tuna with spiced cabbage, the shrimp hushpuppies, savory apple tart, and something else vegetably that sounded strange but wound up to be wonderful. Speck ham was a little too dry, but the poached egg on top enriched the flavor. They make their own bread and it is crusty with great texture. The little french olives on the bread plate are wonderful to snack on. Noise level was much better than many of the new restaurants. Our only problem with Table is the lighting, or lack of it, doesn't give you a chance to see how good the food looks. If they would brighten it up a little, it would be perfect for us. And the wall of windows should make it perfect in dayllight. We'll certainly go back the next time we're in Asheville.

      1. The best Monday deal by far is Bouchon's mussels deal and when you go Monday they also have wine/beer specials. Try the redneck, they're my faves!

        62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

        1. A great deal is 1/2 price wine by-the-bottle night at Mela, on Mondays. They offer well made, delicious Indian food, and a thoughtful and well matched wine list.

          1. Don't really know about specials, but these would be my recommendations...

            Early Girl Eatery
            8 Wall Street
            Asheville, NC 28801-2710
            (828) 259-9292

            Laughing Seed Cafe
            40 Wall Street
            Asheville, NC 28801

            Salsa Mexican Caribbean Restaurant
            6 Patton Avenue
            Asheville, NC 28801

            Tupelo Honey Cafe
            12 College St.
            Asheville, NC
            1829 Hendersonville Rd.
            Asheville, NC

            48 College St.
            Asheville, NC 28801