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Sep 10, 2010 05:16 AM

Treasure Island

I am going up on Monday to treasure Island for business, just for the day, does anyone have a good recommendation for lunch? Not sure what I will be in the mood for, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The VIP bar makes some great Tex-Mex. The pork chili/stew is great, and I like it even better than the burritos and such. This is not gourmet, but it is damn good! Top choice for me.

    The Floridian specializes in Cuban sandwiches, but i think their freshly roasted turkey is the best.

    Right next door to the Floridian is a chicago dog type of place, with all the chicago standbys, dogs, polish sausage, tamales, italian beef. all great in that industrial hot dog stand kinda way.

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    1. re: andy huse

      Andy, I've never gotten past the delicious Cubans and black beans and rice at the Floridian. I will have to try turkey next time - thanks for the tip!

      1. re: joan

        i never would have wordered turkey myself-- the girlfriend gets credit for that.

    2. You might try Ocean Breeze, which is in St. Pete Beach but just over the Blind Pass Bridge overlooking the intracoastal and Treasure Island. It's my go-to place and I live at TI. Nice setting, outdoor dining on the deck, lots of choices, including Tapas. I agree with the VIP recommendation, if you don't mind eating in a bar at lunchtime and limit yourself to the pork in green chile or the guacamole, which is about as good as you'll get around here.

      1. Ocean Breeeze sounds awesome, just took a look at their menu, looks delicous, as does the VIP bar, I mean Pork chili in itself is worth a visit...

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          and the good GREEN stuff, no tomato, all green chili and perhaps tomatillos. highly recommended.

        2. I like Ricky T's for fish dip, grouper sandwiches, and frosty beer.