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Sep 10, 2010 04:37 AM

Rome in September - about wine bars and pastry shops?

We'll be visiting Rome in Sept.

There are several wine bars that appeal (Trimani, Roscioli etc).

In Rome, in September midweek, do wine bars generally close around 3pm, or do they stay open all day, into evening (for a glass of wine, and plate of cheese, salami kind of thing)?
Should you know of one that does stay open through afternoon, it would be of interest.

Also, any pastry shops in Rome you can recommend that have a sit-down area in the shop for cake and coffee? (can you sit down and eat at Regoli?)
Again, generally, do they close after 3 pm , or stay open into the evening?

Thank you

PS: Late breaking: Trimani emailed with hours: "Moorning lunch 12.30 until 16 dinner 19 until 24 bye."

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  1. Unfortunately, most wine bars either close around 3 till the evening service or open only later (Al vino al vino opens at 5pm, I am 99% sure, Katie might correct me, Bacocco at 6, Goccetto and Cavour 313 close around 3 - mentioning these as other nice winebar option). Roscioli may serve you after 3pm at the bar (3-4 places only), for the cheese or salumi plate type food if you are nice.

    Not pastry shops (pasticceria) but some cafes will serve cake and coffee through out the afternoon, I like Antonini (former Ruschena) on Lungotevere dei Mellini 1 for this kind of thing.

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      thank you! Hazard of arriving mid-afternoon!

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        yes al vino al vino opens at 5. il piccolo on via del governo vecchio stays open all day and has outdoor seating so that is one option if you want to eat at a wine bar, though it wouldnt be my first choice. the roscioli bakery on via dei chiavari serves food (pizza by the slice, pasta, sandwiches, salads, assorted snacks) all day and there are some high stools and tables to use indoors, or you can stand at the high tables outside.

        regoli doesnt have a place to sit and eat but it is only 200 yards from piazza vittorio which has lots of benches where you can sit and eat. pietro roscioli (Via Buonarotti 48) is nearby, too, if you want pizza by the slice, sandwiches, etc. there are some stolls inside or take food to the piazza.