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Sep 9, 2010 07:44 PM

Beach Plum Cordial/Liqueur

I'm making my first beach plum cordial. I have charming small bottles to put it in when it is "cooked" but is a simple cork ok to use to close my decorative bottles before I give them as gifts? Do I need something more permanent to seal the bottles, like a pressure cap that keeps wine and soda fizzy? Thanks for any suggestions. And what the heck is a cordial anyway? Is it just a mixer?

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  1. Cordial just is a fancy name for a sweet liqueur. You can use a cork to seal the bottles just fine, as no further fermentation will take place.

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      Thanks, JK. But doesn't it take a simple sugar syrup to make is viscous and liquer-y? I'm afraid it will be very thin and vodka-y. Made lots of beach plum jelly but never this cordial. L.