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lunch places at Barrington/Wilshire

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A friend of mine is moving offices to Barrington and Wilshire from Downtown, and wants to know if there's anything to eat in that area. Sawtelle is a short hop, we know, but we were hoping for info on some places closer by.
Does anyone know the area well?

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  1. For quick and inexpensive lunches you can walk to from there...I like Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Lazy Daisy II, and the Fatburger.

    there's a minimall with a Pho 99 Vietnamese restaurant....I didn't particularly like this place though. But its not bad for the westside....California Roll and Sushi has a bunch of different rolls and isn't too expensive.....interesting dishes...

    1. Lemon Moon is very good and is at Olympic and Bundy. http://www.lemonmoon.com/

      Also Foodies is on the second level of one of those mini malls on Wilshire right near Barrington. My friend Sarah and I ate there awhile back and she wrote about it. You can read about it here:

      Link: http://thedeliciouslife.blogspot.com/...

      1. Second the rec for Foodies and Lazy Daisy.

        VIP Harbor Seafood. Dante's for Italian.

        Bandera is obviously pricy, but right at that corner.

        Literati II is at Wilshire and Bundy.

        For fast food, you've got Wahoo's, Subway, California Roll and Sushi, Fatburger, and Rubio's Baja Grill.

        1. If you walk a few blocks north on Barrington rather than going down Wilshire, you will find many restaurants on San Vicente. For fast food, there's Baja Fresh, Sandbags (sandwiches), Barney's Burgers, Sansai Japanese, & Coral Tree Cafe.

          There are also plenty of chain restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, CPK, Daily Grill, Gaucho Grill), and some higher-end sushi (Takao), tempura/noodles (Taiko), and Italian (Sor Tino, Toscana, Pizzicotto, Osteria Latini).

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            I think at least 50% of the time, my pick would be Bandera if I were selecting from all the choices in this thread.

          2. I like Buffet City, a couple of blocks west at 11819 Wilshire.

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              What is Buffet City?? TIA.

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                Its a chinese and japanese buffet. I've been twice, it was horrible both times. The quality of food was so low...as were the prices. They did have a wide selection of food that sat under heat lamps too long though.

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                  Actually I love Buffet City and I eat most of my Chinese food in Monterey Park, San Gabriel and Hacienda Heights. The stamed fish fillet is extremely good as are the chicken dishes and the tapioca pudding. I think it's a matter of figuring out what's good there and what isn't.

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                    I'll try it out again I suppose. Last time I went, the food was just so uniformly bad that I didn't really care for it...basically the quality was below the $1 chinese places.

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                      Agreed that most items there are bad, but the "mongolian grill" type set up in the back is pretty good. Pick your meat and veggies and sauce. The shrimp was suprisingly good as were the other meats.

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                    I agree. Also, I suspect that most of staff are immigrants from China or Taiwan, a lot of them being recent immigrants. So if you have any specific requests or rolls to make, that might be of some trouble, due to a language problem.

                    The reason I say this is because during my one & only time there with my girlfriend, a patron went up to the sushi bar and asked the young lady behind the bar for a California Roll. She blinked and just looked at him. It wasn't until the manager came out, heard what the patron wanted and then repeated the request in Chinese, that she knew what to make.

                    I also agree that the food sits out way to long. But because nobody goes there, they've dropped the lunch price to be around $6 or $7, the last time I went. So for the price, I think's acceptable. But it's definitely not impressive food.

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                      I can't believe how many people work there. I better try them out again before they go out of biz....they have some prime real estate there and seem to have Waaaay too many people working there for not enough customers paying not that much money.

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                      Westside Local

                      Buffet City is pretty bad -- I'm surprised it is still open - I thought the Westside had more descriminating taste. Who knows ... maybe because it is cheap?

                      Life is too short to eat bad food! :)

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                    I second the rec on Buffet City. It's not gourmet food, and yes, most of the food are sitting under the heat lamp. But I've been there several times and the turnaround of food was pretty fast. I don't think sushi is their strength or selling point, but the Chinese dishes are delicious. Like Chandavkl said, the steamed fish fillets are so tender I keep going back for more. I also like the little "peach buns" which are served typically as a birthday dessert in Chinese restaurants. You won't typically get to eat them unless someone's throwing a birthday party at a Chinese restaurant!

                  4. Good:
                    Literatti I and II (Wilshire & Bundy)
                    Wahoo's (Wilshire & Westgate)
                    Lasy Daisy (wilshire & westgate)
                    Zankou (sepulveda & SaMo)
                    Mama Vaoula's (SaMo & Brockton)
                    Juquila (SaMo & Barrington)
                    Barney's Burgers (Barrington & San Vincente)
                    Baja Fresh (Barrington & San Vincente)
                    Ono Hawaiian (SaMo & Bundy)
                    All India Cafe (SaMo & Bundy)

                    Not so good:
                    Buffet City
                    Dante's (I didn't like it anyway, sorry to the poster below)
                    House of Ribs (just awful)
                    Love's BBQ or whatever is there now (wilshire & beloit)

                    1. Don't forget Asakuma, on the second floor of the minimall on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Barrington. Miso black cod is their specialty and it is very good. I am also partial to their chicken salad with wasabi vinaigrette. Their sushi is ok too.

                      1. Do not forget there is a Whole Foods Market on San Vicente just west of Barrington where the deli/takeout section is very good size, and extremely popular. Good place to remember when budgetary concerns abound, not that they are cheap, but just that there is no tipping, generally no wait, and much more affordable than the competition, with seating in front, etc.
                        Bandera or Literati II without budget constraints.

                        1. LEMON MOON on olympic

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                            Excellent choice, but only open for breakfast and lunch!

                          2. Curious as to why anyone hasn't mentioned Amandine Patisserie. Delicious sandwhiches which are a tad pricey but the bread is so soft. There's even free (take that Literati and Coral Tree! Seriously having valet for casual dining in the westside....) parking in the back.
                            Pastries are to die for, baked fresh daily and free refills on the iced tea. It's a fun place to eat at, just don't take my parking spot.

                            amandine patisserie
                            12225 wilshire blvd.
                            los angeles, ca 90025
                            310 979 3211

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                              Yes, the parking is free... but there's only about 3 spots...

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                                I agree that this would be a good starting place. I know people who drive here from Westwood for lunch. Unfortunately, most of what is on this stretch of Wilshire on is rather pedestrian, unless you are addicted to fish tacos which then puts you in paradise with Wahoo's.

                                FYI to those who recommended Bandera: Bandera is not open for lunch.

                              2. Not only is Bandera's not open for lunch, but Foodie's isn't open at all anymore - it's not Enzo and Angela, an Italian restaurant run by Angela Lansbury's daughter.

                                  1. Second recommendation for Lemon Moon. Also consider La Scala on San Vicente near Barrington. Known for it's chopped salads. Nice ambiance

                                    1. definitely lemon moon...i used to work near bundy & olympic and would walk there almost every day for lunch, i loved getting a 3-salad plate and just changing it up each day...akbar on wilshire is okay, certainly not the best indian i've ever eaten, but decent for a quick lunch.