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Sep 9, 2010 04:27 PM

Best cebiche in San antonio

After trying cebiches in different latinoamerican restaurants in san antonio I finally found the best cebiche. The fish (mahi mahi) is cooked in lime and some other ingredients and is served with sweet potato, giant corn from peru, red onions, the cebiche is very spicy, if you dont like spicy ask them no to added rocotos. Coming back for another one!!!

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  1. Sounds great, and the name of this place is......

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    1. re: Sam Spade

      Wow, I forgot to add the restaurant name, well here it go "Rocotos Grill" located close to 1604 and Culebra rd. They have authentic peruvian food. This new restaurant brings a new southamerican cuisine to San Antoniio. They serve chupe de camarones (peruvian shrimp chowder), you wont be disappointed.

      1. re: robtxsa

        Finally made it out to Rocoto's and OP was absolutely correct in his assesment of the ceviche. We sampled a variety of the peruvian offerings and can heartily recomend the aji de gallina, chupe de camarones, lomo saltado and mazamorra morada dessert.
        They've only been open a few months and my only hope is they don't suffer a similiar fate to previous south american cuisine ventures in SA. A chilean restaurant didn't last eight months and previous peruvian places morphed into taquerias (like we need more of those!). They're in a brand new strip center on Culebra a couple blocks inside loop 1604 so it's a bit of a drive from downtown or 09-definately worth it though!!!

    2. Want some awesome cebiche? Let me tell you..there is a little restaurant called El Cebiche de Waldito that makes the BEST fish ceviche in town. Its a Cuban/Puerto Rican/Peruvian restaurant owned by Chef Waldo - owner of Divine Taste Catering. My hubby and I love it there. The food is always consistently fresh, flavorful, and just SO GOOD! Try it!