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Sep 9, 2010 04:15 PM

Violet's Cupcakes - Pasadena

I had read very nice reviews on Violet's Cupcakes. With great anticipation, yesterday I made it a point to stop by. The cupcake menu was extensive, but there were very few cupcake flavors available. The shop itself was not as cute or as clean-looking as I expected., but that did not deter me from purchasing one each - Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla. Sadly, they were all very disappointing... The buttercream frosting on the Vanilla and White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes tasted somewhat rancid. The Lemon frosting was clearly made with artificial lemon extract. The cake part was equally disappoiinting -- it tasted like it was made from a mix. They were so bad, I actually threw them out.

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  1. I found their cupcakes to be SICKLY sweet, their shop has no charm as compared to other cupcake stores and bakeries, and the salesgirl wasn't very friendly or welcoming, so I never went back after that one time. Cupcake competition is so fierce, yet I didn't feel that they were trying very hard.

    1. "The buttercream frosting on the Vanilla and White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes tasted somewhat rancid"

      Sounds like a pretty harsh indictment from a first time poster. Are you sure you don't have an axe to grind?

      I LOVE Violet's cupcakes. I LOVE the frostings. Her cake is moist. The help is, well....ok. Her hours aren't great but that is fine because it makes it harder for me to satisfy a craving.

      I have had just about everyone's cupcakes in the area and have to say that of course it is a personal taste thing but when you say with authority that something "was clearly made with artificial lemon extract" and that something "tasted like it was made from a mix" well, that is your opinion and not fact.

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        I agree, Fru. I have had several different flavors and they are all good and moist. I think theirs are the best out of the offerings in Pasadena.

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          We got terrific cupcakes from Backstage Cafe on the corner of Buena Vista and Olive in Burbank. Their stuff is (supposedly) from Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena. When we ventured over to Lovebirds in Pasadena to see if they had an even more extensive selection, we found completely different cupcakes (inferior) and completely different flavor choices.

          Anyhow, thumbs up to the Lemon Drop cupcakes and the Raspberry Cupcakes at Backstage Cafe in Burbank.

      2. I think the cupcakes at Violet's aren't too pleasant to look at but they are pretty darn tasty! I particularly like the neopolitan and the strawberry shortcake. The ingredients tasted pretty fresh to me when I had the cupcake so my experience was no where near the OP's. The store isn't the cutest but it gets the job done since I assume most customers are like me and just go in and pick up their cupcakes and I agree with Fru that the hours are aren't great. These cons asides though, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents that I think the cupcakes here are woth a try!

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          Their chocolate cupcakes are the best. To me it tastes like they use real chocolate to make the frosting. Also their Twix cupcake is deadly in calories but so worth it.

        2. I've never had that experience. I think they are a great real alternative to those awful perfectly extruded stale dots cupcakes.

          1. If you've loved Violet's in the past, be ready for a totally different experience today. I understand that it has changed owners and I couldn't be more disappointed to have lost a local treasure. Whereas the prior ownership was easy to work with, accommodating, creative and talented, my most recent experience was with a difficult to work with and rude staff. More importantly, the product has suffered greatly. I've always raved about the quality of the cake and the amazing creations Violets would produce. This time the cupcakes were terrible - the flavor & consistency were mediocre and the decorations sloppy. We'll be finding a new bakery.

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              So sad when a great place goes downhill.

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                That makes me very, very sad. The original owners were sisters whom I really liked a lot. Hopefully we will see them soon in another venture together.