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Sep 9, 2010 03:08 PM

Kindle cookbooks?

Are there any GREAT cookbooks available on the Kindle yet? Lately I've been using my Motorola Droid in the kitchen to access this site as well as Cooks Illustrated and Fine Cooking. But it would be great if I had one or two really good cookbooks on my Kindle if any exist.

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  1. CI has a cookbook on the Kindle for around $10.

    1. Download the free version of screebl from Android market. It is great for every use, but especially helpful when you are using your droid to cook.

      1. Love my Kindle, but it's dreadful when it comes to cookbooks. The first book I ordered was one that's this month's COTM, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. That was the last cookbook I ordered for the Kindle: very disjointed, impossible to find recipes; I was extremely disappointed.

        1. One of the first ebooks I bought was On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee. Not exactly a cookbook, but related. I have a first generation Kindle. At the time, it was MUCH cheaper than the print version. Now, the Kindle version is actually more than the book version on Amazon! I probably use it more in digital format than I would the print.

          I have two cookbooks that were offered free on Amazon - a Cooks Illustrated one and Not your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining. I've only used a couple of recipes from them - I don't like using the Kindle for recipes, but since they were free and don't take up any shelf space, I downloaded them.

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            I cruise the kindle bestsellers list cookbooks section on probably a weekly basis looking for good books that are deals. I'm picky about what I get though, I don't get it just because it's free. I've found some great deals on books I'd like to have but would never pay full price for.

          2. Not on the Kindle - but the "how to Cook Everything" app is amazing!

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