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Sep 9, 2010 02:27 PM

What are your essentials for a new kitchen?

We are planning on remodeling our small kitchen and i would like to know what you suggest, or what can't you do without? I am just getting into cooking and some baking. I know, I want a magnetic strip for my knives and that faucet you can turn on my touching. So please, give me your ideas:-) Thank you.

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  1. Lots of counter space is key for me. Kind of obvious, but so often I see kitchens so crammed with stuff that there's no place to work.

    1. Make sure you have the proper storage to fit YOUR needs. Be very open with your designer about how ou use your kitchen and what you hope to be able to do in the new one. The more information you give him or her the bestter the kichen will work for you in the long run.
      Good luck to you! A kitchen renovation can be a big mess but it is so wortth it in the end. If you can try to renovate inthe summer when you can use your outdoor will be a life saver!

      1. I was looking at getting the Delta Touch faucet (turn on by touching) but it was really big. There may be other brands out there, but the DT might be too big for a small kitchen.

        1. If you can, a ISE Instant Hot Water. Cannot live without it.

          1. Good lighting.
            A range hood that really sucks.
            Plenty of bench space that allows me to leave the most-used appliances out and easily bring out the lesser-used ones and that provides for lots of "plating up" space.
            Power outlets in the right places.
            "Hidden" waste bins - preferably openable without using hands.
            A setup that clearly defines my work area (and deters uninvited "helpers") but doesn't cut me off from contact with guests.
            DH to help clean up ...

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              second the good lighting, that's the one thing we messed up. One end of the kitchen is very dark.