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Sep 9, 2010 02:14 PM

FQ Brunch recommendations for private party

I am looking for recommendations for a moderately priced venue in the French Quarter to host a max of 50 people for a post-wedding brunch. This is turning out to be much more difficult than I expected. Nearly all the restaurants I've looked at, from the midscale to the top, tend to have the same price of roughly $45 a head (when tax and tip are included), which does not include the price of drinks. Which is the same price as dinner receptions in New Orleans, so it somewhat shocks me that brunch prices are in no way more affordable. Not to mention that their private party menus (beyond costing double of their restaurant menu prices) only allow you to select one entree for your entire party. This is one of several wedding functions, so I really don't want to kill the budget over a single entree that many of my guests may not enjoy.

The venue absolutely MUST be in the French Quarter. Not Bywater or Uptown, unfortunately. I do not require a private room. In fact, with all the jazz brunches around the city, it is likely preferable to be in the main room with the band. I would prefer a menu with more than one option. But, most importantly, I would like a more affordable brunch option with relatively good food. Stanley would have been ideal, but they no longer do private parties. :( Frankly, I would also be fine with simply hosting a beignets and coffee party, but Cafe du Monde does not do private parties, and Cafe Beignet (which I haven't heard raves about anyway) cannot accommodate a large party.

So Chowhounds - any bright ideas? Desperately need help.

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  1. Check Palm Court Jazz Cafe, Court of Two Sisters or Muriel's.

    Palm Court Jazz Cafe
    1206 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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    1. re: Littleman

      Thank you for your prompt suggestions!

      Unfortunately, Court of Two Sisters and Muriel's are in the same $45 and up crowd. Muriel's private brunch is more expensive than Antoine's! Sigh....

      I had never heard of Palm Court Jazz, but according to their website, it is a dinner only restaurant.

      Please keep the suggestions coming, one and all! :)

      Palm Court Jazz Cafe
      1206 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

      1. re: MeMyself

        Napoleon House has a room that seats 60 for private parties along with the outdoor patio. Check there. Maspero's also has private rooms that seat 40/70 people. They have four. Check there.

        Napoleon House Bar & Cafe @ 500 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 524 - 9752.

        Maspero's @ 440 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 504 - 524 - 8990.

        Napoleon House Bar & Cafe
        500 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130

        601 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130

    2. I think what you need to stock of how much labor is a factor of cost, to cook the meal, serve the meal, and clean up after all have left. Please let us know if you find something cheaper than $45. You could also try Cafe Amelie, and maybe the St. Louis Hotel.

      Cafe Amelie
      912 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

      1. Why not do a simple creole buffet on the Steamboat and for a good 25% less they will get to ride an authentic steamboat. Food is not fancy at lunch but they have terrific Fried Chicken and they would do reserved table if you tell them at booking.

        1. While not exactly in the FQ, Calcasieu has a $28 luncheon menu.